Startup Items

  • Do any of you know exactly what the ring and amulet does?
    The ones that you get for funding the game.
    Are they consumables or permanent?
    Do they give us an OP edge?
    Are they visible on my character?
    Any answers would be appreciated.

  • I only know about the Ring of the Ancients. And the last thing I know is:
    +10% XP, drop rate and gold.
    Double all the ingredients found
    Lasts 3 days.

    That's what you can read in indiegogo.

  • @yami That's rather unfortunate. I'd rather have a permanent item. A small boost at launch might not do us a whole lot.

  • @samuraijack yes I think that too, want a permanent item with permanent statistics.

  • @yami What ? That ring is not only lasting for 3 days ?
    That's terribly unfortunate.
    I wanted to keep it all the way on my character. So that one day, in maybe ten years, one little kid would ask me : "I wonder how people used to live before Maguss" and I would be like : "Kid, I was there".
    Then he would see the ancient ring and look at me, speechless, with curious shiny eyes. And I'll tell him : "let me tell you how it was when it started...".... ....
    Come on who doesn't want do that ?! Those items must be viable on the long run ! XD

  • @ponpondv that's what appears on the indiegogo page, I don't know haha.
    Yes, I feel the same it would be nice to have it forever...<3

  • @yami They need to change that 😦 I could deal with a slight rebuff if it lasted forever.

  • Absolutely agree - we should get something, we can keep forever. It should be a symbol to appreciate the efforts of the early fans and backers (and testers). Doesn't have to provide any permanent buffs - it just should be something visible.

  • administrators

    Rewards will be different than what we initially designed. We're just working on implementing it. You will get a permanent backers badge. Very unique and exclusive feature built just for backers. It will be visible in the profile and also during the duel. Besides that you will get extra slots in the inventory, 1 bonus cauldron and lots of premium currency (MD). Few other things, too. All will be written in the email once we release the game. We will try to make it in time but it may happen that not all will be completed before OBT.

  • @maguss thank you, I'm totally sure we would like your presents ;D

  • Sounds good - your words are music in my ear :-).

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