What do we think about 24 hours boosters ?

  • I just would like to open a discussion about the boosters we sometimes receive for 24 hours.
    For example, today I hit lvl 4 at exploration and I got a 24 hours buff that enlarge my circle of 100%. I was surprised but I loved it.
    Unfortunately I had a busy day and could not enjoy it fully.
    I think I would have preferred a one hour booster that I could have used anytime I wanted. Like one day I have a long train trip for example.
    Or a couple of 10 minutes boosters I could use when I can't go out because it's raining or something.

    What do you, players and developers, think about that ?

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    Hey, we thought 24h is a plenty of time to enjoy the benefit of a booster even though you may have some work for the part of the day :)

  • Global Moderator

    I do agree that 24 hours is a long time and should be enough time to get use out of the boosters, but I also agree with David that getting some kind of booster "item" would be much better than having it applied automatically. Because that way you can choose a day where you know you'll play a lot of Maguss :D
    Maybe it's something to think about in the future? By the way, cool that you mentioned the forum on Facebook, it became really active suddenly!

  • @jhamm you can already buy boosters by spending dust whenever you want. The random booster at daily reward should stay as it is now imho

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    @ron-benvenuti I know and maybe you're right. I just don't think it would hurt to have the option to choose when to activate it.

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