FAQ - Gameplay: Combat

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    Q: How do I buy spells?
    Spells are sold from within the Spell Book, click the spell and select the buy button.

    Q: Why can't I buy a Spell?
    If the Spell has a lock on it then you don’t have a high enough skill to purchase it, otherwise you don’t have enough money for it.

    Q: How do I load my Spell deck?
    Select the spell you want to use, click the “assign to deck” button, then select the slot you want the spell to be assigned to.

    Q: Why do I only have so many Deck slots?
    Additional Deck slots are opened as you gain more player levels.

    Q: How do I cast spells?
    Spells are cast by drawing the glyph assigned to the slot for the spell

    Q: What is overheat?
    Overheat adds more strategy to the game by making you watch what spells you cast. Each spell has a heat cost that build up heat within a fight. You “cooldown” 3 points of heat at the start of each turn. There are also spells which can add or remove heat.

    Q: Why are spell slots in the battle interface?
    You have five spell slots per turn when battling. Each spell has a slot usage amount. They can use anywhere from 1 slot to five slots

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