The current state of Maguss: A review, Suggestion list and bug list.

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    The top of the wall:

    So my plan was to turn this into a video, but after trying to do that for 6 days with very bad luck, I think it's best I stick to the good old text. This thread is gonna be about what I like about the game and what has disappointed me, I'm literally just gonna serve all my feelings about the game on a silver platter. It's also gonna contain a few bugs I have found recently and a ton of suggestion. The people from the earliest Alpha might recognize this format. Yes, jhamm's big wall of text is being reborn, oh the horror.

    Let's start with the bugs because that's the most important information the developers need.

    Bug list:

    Daily challenges
    When I enter the daily challenges screen I have 3 challenges with rewards in the price range of 500-600, but if I close the daily challenges list and then quickly press the challenges button again, then sometimes it opens up with 3 other challenges in the price range of 100-200. I can do this every time, it's not random and it switches using this method. Video can be found here:

    Mini potions
    This bug seems to make some potions mini when brewing them, the size difference is just too large between this and the others. Look here for an example:


    Angle ingredient pickup
    You already know this, sometimes the ingredient seems to be in range, but it's supposedly too far away. Though I have also experienced it to be in the circle, but you can't click on it at all until you move the camera a lot.

    Spells like bleed doesn't work
    Yep, you got it, you know about them and there aren't other spells that I have tried that bugs out.
    Edit: Bleed now works but the duration of bleed doesn't get refreshed when using it again. So still a problem.

    Loading screen is dark for a few seconds
    When I go into the game and it begins loading and the loading screen is there, it starts out a bit dark. Then it loads for a second and then the same loading screen becomes a bit lighter. I have begun noticing this nearly every time, but a few times it hasn't happened.


    Potion already goted
    Sometimes when I make a potion and try to pick it up, it doesn't want to work. I keep pressing and when it finally picks the potion up, then it says: Potion already goted. That's.. Not a word from what I know.


    Lady won't shut up
    When choosing a class Alice will tell us about each class when we click on them, which is really nice. But what is not nice is that when you go back to a class she already told you about, she will do it again. I'm pretty sure a bunch of us likes to compare the stats of each class, which means we have to go back and forth between them a lot!

    Game keeps telling me potion is done
    This happens randomly if I have a potion brewed in the game. But after telling me once and I still don't pick it up, it decides to tell me again and again.. At random. Nothing more to say there.

    New back button issues
    The back button on Android phones doesn't work at all. Again.

    State of the game review:

    Man what a journey it has been so far. The game started out as being a really buggy thing, but we still began liking it a lot. That's why we all stayed and that's why even today we still help out finding bugs. The current game is beginning to look like a polished game that's worth playing every day, there are still bugs, but so much have been improved. What really surprised me was how much the developers listen to the community and still do. I have had multiple ideas that have been implemented and even the new spell system was something I talked with Ondrej about. Though not the heat system, that happened because of someone else. There's also the bad things of course, the wands may never be made which has sent people raging all over Facebook, it has calmed down now though. The game company is running out of cash and it's getting harder to implement the stuff they want.
    But the main thing is that they are still working on it! The game is not a scam it's a reality. Also I would be really freaking happy if people would start realizing that there is a cheaper option for the game on than on, but maybe the developers should have advertised that more. Because people kept raging about the steep price.

    Another thing I'm a little unhappy about is: What about the other stuff we paid for? Not just the wands, I want information about if we actually will get the stuff on the first day of open beta. Do we get the dust, the items, is it ready to go? And even more importantly when do work get made on the custom spells, the custom monster and the custom companion? I know some of these are hard to find the time for, but I have a question and maybe I'm too dumb to understand it. Aleksey has been working on art of monsters a lot right? There is monster packs, tons of new random monsters etc. So why couldn't he have worked on the backers ideas instead of the seemingly random list you guys had? Could have killed two birds with one stone that way.

    Anyway right now I like the game, it's a lot of fun going around battling monsters and gathering ingredients. Never done much PvP because I always die and I'm at a pretty low level because of resets and bugs killing my game entirely.. Those don't happen anymore.. I'm happy. However, you guys do know that there is a lot that could be improved about the game and I mean quite a lot. That's not bad, it's good to know the direction to go when developing a game. Now we get to the suggestion part of this wall, hope I haven't been to harsh so far.

    Suggestion list, personal thoughts and small fixes:

    Health bar and exp bar
    Yeah since these two got a new version I haven't really liked them, I do have a few reasons though. Would be dumb just to say that something looked bad. I don't like how the bars are now connected to the profile picture, makes it look like something from WoW. I don't like how you can see through the bars when empty, irritates my eye.. I would give it a background and maybe opacity of 50% if it's really needed to see through it. Lastly, the gradient of the heart and the XP sign makes it kinda hard to see at times. Again just my own thoughts, shouldn't mean jack shit if the developers like it.

    Though the developers do have a different better-looking heart symbol when battling as seen here:


    Long-Forgotten Dungeons
    I recently came up with a dungeon idea while discussing with a lot of others. Here it is:

    Profile picture
    I have said this before. It doesn't look good to just have a head floating in a black bubble. Just thought I should mention it again. I would prefer either have more of the body visible, the black being a proper background or the player being able to have literally any picture as their profile picture. That could be a commissioned piece, random fantasy picture from google or a selfie.

    Potion minigame is fun.. But not fun enough
    Yeah this bubble thing is cooler than before in my opinion, but it's just not the feeling I want from creating potions in a video game. For ideas you could look at the old Pottermore minigame or some old Harry Potter games on nintendo ds.

    The prices in the shop cover far too much
    In the shop, you can see the prices on the potions/other items. This works pretty well, but they cover far too much when the price is over 1000. I want to see the art of the potion without having it covered in numbers. I have two ways this could be fixed: Either have the numbers shorted to 1k or my preferred way: Have a box underneath every item with their prices. This would look so much neater, the only issue would be having to scroll a tiny bit more. Just put an empty box beneath the item box, insert the numbers, bang done.

    Map improvements
    Ah my old love, no? Nobody remembers? Let's get started then. The map is too boring for a game this good. That's how simple I can say it, the colours are flat, there is pretty much only one colour and nothing feels magical about it. There needs to be more colours, here you can use gradient and everything you want! The buildings.. Are brown. Random spots of green. Sometimes even the name of the road still exists in-game. Also the roads and train tracks are pixelated as all hell.
    I'm not even sure if you should be able to see the train track, because that's one of the ugliest things on there.
    Anyway.. Just think about it, this is not the kind of map you guys want for the finished release, I'm sure. The function to zoom in and out just a little would also be appreciated. If you need help figuring out a good map, then look at Pokemon Go. Yep it's Pokemon Go, but the map looks incredible and feels like a Pokemon World. Look at it and feel a tiny sting of envy, I dare you ;D

    Footsteps should fade faster
    I'm not even really sure if they do fade or if they just vanish. Either way I end up with an enormous trail of footsteps.

    Combat is too slow now
    I really love how with the new update the spells when cast pop out at the player and lights up the battle. But what I really don't like is how freaking long this animation is! The combat period is twice as long now. Just seeing how slowly the spells are to hit, bores my mind. I would speed this up by half a second at least, per slot!

    Timeout when battling an enemy and they don't press accept
    Pretty much what the text says. I haven't done much PvP, but I noticed that if one player doesn't accept the challenge and I already have, then you're stuck! Had to reload the app and then saw it had been a tie. If it takes too long for someone to press accept then it should just cancel.

    More variety
    Both in character customization, Enemy appearance. But also the more simple things like loading screens and battle backgrounds. This is mostly for the future of course.

    Animation and 3d models
    Already on your list. Just putting it here to tell that this is also something I look forward to and think is plenty important.

    Health at fast speeds
    Right now if you're taking the train you can battle all enemies on the way, because the high speed makes you regenerate health instantly. I don't think this should be the case.

    New face customization is nice but too damn small
    I really liked the new things you could add to the face. The new eyepatch, tattoos etc. But the preview face is just too small to actually see what is changing and it can be really hard to see the difference. I mean when first looking at them it looks like the same face in a long row. Other than the tattoos which are more obvious.

    Realign everything!
    Okay maybe not that much, but when you for example go into the skills menu and read what happens at each level. It isn't aligned properly at all. It looks like the text makes like a wave, because of how it's done. This could be fixed by simply doing: Lv 25 Perk: TAB Information. Yep literally just press tab before entering the information.
    Examples of issues are here:
    Please read the description for every picture in there, to fully understand the issues.

    Fusion Magic..
    I thought this would be cool! Two spells turn into 1 if both spells are cast without failure. Could even have a cool animation where the slots go into each other.

    The bottom of the wall:

    That's it for now, I hope you guys enjoyed my wall if anybody made it all the way down here. I really enjoy playing this game and the community is quite awesome too. See you later!
    Edit: I found more bugs here:

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    Maybe it's a bit much to read, but I hope someone does xD

  • @jhamm I did read through it. It's actually pretty dense but there was a couple of bugs I wanted to report that I read you reported already, so it made me gain time. I'd like to add a little something from my walk on my way home.
    I think at this pace, I could hit level 50 within a few months. I'm really looking forward to the end development and the end game because just dueling won't do it.

    Even though the battling system is great. Really great. Man, that's the number one thing of this game! I lost one pound just walking around to battle things. But what will we do when we will be top lvl wizards? What could be collectable ? Or maybe a bestiary to fill in? Some hard potions to craft? Or craftable equipment?
    I play a lot for achievement, like most of former WoW players. I hope there's going to be something like that.
    But before that, there's plenty to enjoy anyway!

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    @david-vandepontseele Well what do you do when you reach max level on WoW? You of course go in search of rare stuff. There'll be potions that are really hard to craft, ingredients that are really rare, maybe even only found in those dungeons they talk about?

    They have also already showed a Bestiary which I'm exicted about. And then there is always the goal of becoming the top PvP player of all Maguss players in the world. With faction wars and boss fights there'll always be something to do.

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    Also really glad the developers mentioned the forum in a recent post on Facebook, brought a bunch of activity back here.

  • I did it, I read it all ;D
    About the profile picture, you are right in part, it would be good to have a better background and the same head of the equip.

    Maybe the potion minigame should be, as you say a bit different and a bit difficult. Maybe it would be good to introduce the ingredients at the right moment and den do a spell and finally pop the bubbles...

    Hahaha what a bad boy mentioning the PoGo map hahah but yes, it has nice details on the border of the streets, the buildings, the park, etc. Aldo a zoom in and out would be nice. The good thing is that it's Open Street Maps, right?

    Health at fast speeds; I think this shouldn't be like that, walking shud not regenerate life. I think if you whant to recover your life you should do with potions.

    Your ideas are sweet hope to see some implemented there.

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    @yami You journeyed over the wall, congrats! I'm glad you read through it. I think only recovering health via potions is a bit harsh. Maybe only potions and then auto regenerate every 24 hours. You know like in games where you go to bed and heal all hitpoints.

    I hope the developers read through all this and add a bit of it to their own wall of bugs and ideas.

  • @jhamm the autoheal need to go. Or the health potions need to go..

    As it is now, health potions are completely useless.

  • @jhamm yes but it's really easy to craft health potions, all I do with them is craft and sell it because I auto heal walking.
    And when you are defeated by a monster all that happens is that you lose some life and get some experience. Whit this I want to say something should happen... For example, go to a tavern or recover your soul or use a special potion...

  • @yami how about this.
    We could set up a home base (in real world that would be our home..). And when we are at the home base we would autoheal over time.
    But when not at home we have to rely on potions.

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    @henric-melin @Yami Yeah you're both probably right. I never really noticed, but I don't really use my health potions either. They get sold pretty much right away. Of course, health potions are an option if you just want to stay in bed and do PvP for an hour.

    But other than that they are completely useless.

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    @henric-melin Oh they have talked about something like that before. Good idea :D

  • @henric-melin yes good idea, also there you can level up your base to do different stuff, sounds good hahah.

    @jhamm everytime I do a new PvP fight my health is auto-filled without walking or using potions.

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    @yami Huh really, as I said I don't do much PvP, but never really noticed that. Thought it only should go up by moving..

    I think the base idea would be integrated with the faction wars thing, so you can protect your base with monsters.

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    Oh, another idea that I forgot to mention was to hold an AMA, now that the open beta release is soon here. I think it's pretty much the perfect time to do it. Either just after the release or just before. That way everyone that has heard about the game can ask questions.

    And hopefully, there would also be quite a few that had never heard about it.

  • @yami yeah. :)
    I has been thinking that even Brewing should only be possible at your home. Just as your couldrons are standing in your house.
    Maybe a bad idea.. but It could possible help against IRL accidents..

  • Auto heal needs to go imo, as potions need a reason to use them. I only brew them and sell them.

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    With regards to potions, many players do PvP from home/office among other places (me included). Health potions are vital in this case.

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    With regards to setting up your own base, that is not in the plan right now. Maybe in the future, but far, far away future. This would take a lot of both design and implementation time. We already have a plan of new features we want to implement after OBT .

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    @maguss Regarding the potions, yeah that's what I thought. I also know you already have plenty of features and plans that you need to start implementing before this. We players just like to dream of the future!

    Thanks for reading through my post, hope it wasn't just a big mess and that it actually was somewhat useful. Some of the bugs I reported, I haven't seen anywhere else. Even if there wasn't anything new, I at least hope you liked reading the review part and the suggestions. Anyway looking forward to the new updates and the fun the open beta will bring!

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