The current state of Maguss: A review, Suggestion list and bug list.

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    Added a new bug to the list called: Mini potions, please check it out, Maguss Developers. Also be sure to wait for the pictures to load, it can take a while on some devices I have tried viewing them on.

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    I really, really dislike the use of the term "deck" as it implies that this is a card game. A better term in my opinion is a spell memory slots. As a mage am committing a card to memory I'm committing a spell to memory.

    Ok, off my soap box.

    Keep it sparky!

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    spell-set, spell-book, spell-memory, whatever just give them to me :D

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    Yep just please for the love of all things magical not "deck". If it doesn't make me think if cards it makes me think if cyberpunk and both are a fizzle. Lol

  • And whether the localization in which languages. Russian interests me more

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    1. "Concentration now counters a "hidden" stat.."
      Concentration counters Evasion and vice versa. The accuracy formula takes your concentration and enemy's evasion into consideration.

    2. "Evasion is not countered by anything"
      This is not true. Evasion is directly countered by Concentration

    3. Damage you deal is a rather direct comparison between your Empower and enemy's Defense therefore you could say enemy's Defense is countered by your Empower

    We are already decreasing monsters Evasion. We noticed monsters "Evade" very frequently which made battles boring grinds. We are in process of decreasing Evasion and greatly increasing Empower - monsters will be more "deadly" but less likely to evade your attacks.

    Your feedback is very interesting to read. Please keep it coming. Sorry for the late reply.

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    @shardry We plan localization but it is not our top priority atm. First we need to release the game, add more features and then we will start localizing :)

  • @maguss
    I am glad to read it, I will look forward to going to OBT and localization. You are great.

  • @Yami @Henric-Melin @Craig-Mullan @jhamm @Maguss

    • For end game suggestion ( EGS, henceforth) (lvl 50+) dungeon exploration should be a good option, specially if some dungeons can only be accessed to after reaching max level. An alternative to this is to have lvl entry requirements to all dungeons (though I think this would take some time to implement).
    • EGS: Special Classes Advancements (i.e., Archmage, Sage, Guru, etc. )
    • EGS: Rune/Glyphs/Emblems/Crests collecting. This also can be tied to the dungeon suggestion.
    • For the "deck" issue, I think "Grimoire" is a nice, in theme, alternative. Kind of cliche though (one that I like a lot).
    • Implementation to counter/nullifying spells/skills. Something like "Anti-flame" fro Fire base spells, an so for. Alternatively, a new class that solely strive in this kind if anti skills could be made. It would be a nightmare in PVP but totally crap in PVE.
    • And regarding PVE, I prefer this over PVP (I suck, really hard, on this) and world exploration. A bigger of monster is really appreciated (the Complete Bestiary Quest idea factor in to this, also as EGS).

    This is some of things I had written down. Please feel free to tear it apart or modify these suggestion at your hearts content.

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    Added a suggestion for making the face customization preview bigger. Because if I remember right, it was so small that it was hard to see the difference. Other than the tattoos which of course were obvious.
    Just a small thing, but a lot of the things I have written here is small changes xD

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