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    Q: Will the Beasts/Creatures Spawn Naturally within nature, and not just in the Urban areas?
    This is not fully designed yet, but we would also like to assign monsters to their natural habitat. We will spawn it based on google maps tags. That involves rivers, parks, forests, mountains etc. So yes, we will have monsters in the nature.

    **Q: If we tame say a familiar will we be able to level it up and let it battle for us? will we have a beast tamer skill so like if our beast tamer skill is higher we can tame more aggressive monsters and be able to level them up higher?
    A:**When version 1.0 taming is introduced, it will be very simple. Once you tame the monster it will give you special bonus during the battle. However, what you have described is already planned and designed, but out of scope for now.

    Q: I heard I can help with writing the Text for the game?
    There is some text missing in the game. Therefore, we have set up a Google form where you can help us write it! We will start off with monsters' descriptions. The form contains pictures, tiers and names of monsters. Unleash your creativity and it may be your text which will end up in the game!

    THE FORM: Creature Info Form

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