Long-Forgotten Dungeons

  • Hi in the Indiegogo page there is a mention of discovering Long-Forgotten Dungeons. Do I need to be a certain level to find the dungeons, as I have yet to find any.

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    @craig-mullan They aren't in the game yet. The developers have decided to push this feature back until they have worked on some other features. But I'm looking forward to it as well!

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    Exactly. There aren't there yet because we change the game concept a lot and will implement other new features before it. Anyway, what was your idea of how it should work ? What would you expect from dungeons?

  • Well the idea from dungeons and open doors, fight some diferent or more powa monsters get equipment and fight a final boss is pretty cool.

    Expect: I think this will be like that but with several extras, like secret doors, chests that u can get alone (normal loot) or with more players with more ull get better loot. Also some riddles, drawing glyphs, traps and kind of pvp battle will be awesome, lets say my friend and I are in the dungeon doing the same way as always but later the dungeon walls turn to a gray/red color another player is in the dungeon , we talk about it and need more people to defeat last boss we can try to get the other player in the party an he joins us cause we run out pots and he can heal our tank while one of us dps the boss OR he come searching blood and loot and attack us killing one of us before we kill them OR is overpowa player that will wipe us with a single spell but we clear the dungeon first and our rogue start to arming traps to help the party and kill the OPkiller that will be some challenging and fun part of dungeon runs I think.

    Also a npc help could be interesting (the npc will take part of the loot if you use its help).

    If a faction controls a tower near that faction can get some bonus/help/improvement doing dungeons.

    Well is some ideas I can share hehehehe, I have more and more complicate ones but dont wanna take much of ur time guys.

    Hehehehehe. Sorry my quick writting but doing some stuff. Hehehehe.

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    @maguss I'm gonna write about what I think the dungeons will be. I have nothing much to go from other than my own ideas and what was shown on the Indiegogo page. Let's start with a start a middle and an ending.

    The start of the dungeon would be done as a big icon on the map, this can be done like Pokemon Go and Ingress and be connected to special locations. If done this way, then players would also be able to receive messages or quests directly corresponding to that dungeon. For example "Opening to a dungeon has been found at the statue in Helsinge" Other than that the opening is also able to be found by just looking at the map and being lucky to find one. The icon would be a door in a circle, like the normal icons on the map, maybe just bigger.
    When you get to the circle then you can press on it and it shows you a glyph that you'll have to draw. It simply opens the dungeon and the dungeons road slowly "flows" out. The road of the dungeon is chosen by random.

    When you're inside the dungeon there will be different events. Chests, Special monsters or maybe even some puzzles required to go further. These things should feel relatively unique and not be everywhere outside a dungeon as well. The loot should also have that "Oh I got this in a cool dungeon" feeling.

    The end of the dungeon is always some kind of boss fight, to make that amazing exit. You see I have another suggestion that might not be a good one. But I think that the loot you gather in a dungeon should not go with you if you don't complete the dungeon. When you gather loot it enters a temporary inventory and only when exiting the dungeon, you will gain it. This way it would feel more epic and make it feel like a "journey" going through it.

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    @jhamm This is the biggest problem of all: "The road of the dungeon is chosen by random." We have done a research on this feature but it is exactly the dungeon path which makes it so difficult. It can't be chosen on random - you can't force players to trespass, walk through roads or maybe private property. We like this idea but we haven't yet found a game design solution which would 1. make dungeon actually feel like dungeon - e.g. you need to follow a specific path at the end of which is a boss 2. and also be rather easy to implement - nothing major

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    @maguss Yeah I see the problem now, but I have no real idea. I mean the only thing that could be done would be implementing another kind of interface where you're following the map, but not really. Let me try and explain even though you guys doing a brainstorm session would probably come up with something better.

    So you find the entrance on the map and click on it, you draw the glyph and then enters the dungeon, but instead of a random road showing up on the map, the interface changes. The entire map which is based on the real world and the data is taken from something like google maps, is replaced with a static map of a dungeon, like something from D&D.


    I think it's best that I explain the rest in a video. I'm not sure this idea is useful, but when I have an idea I want to tell it the correct way and I'm not sure I can do it in text. I do sound kinda weird in this video, but that's just because I'm not used to make videos of any kind, hope my idea is easy to understand in it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEv08qK-7Tw&feature=youtu.be

  • That's a nice idea, so the dungeon would make you do stuff (like walk XXX meters) in order to open doors etc

  • @maguss In Draconius Go there is something similar called portals which is just like a dungeon and it only spawns Dungeon types. The map is a different colour but the map is still the same where your standing. This way there is no trespassing etc.

    I think the dungeon should be like that and still display the real map but in a dungeon coloured theme. Also with monsters and items exclusive to the dungeon and maybe something like a boss monster to fight etc.

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    @craig-mullan that sounds like an awesome idea, but to me it doesn't capture that dungeon feel. A dungeon to me is some old temple or a labyrinth. It's restricted. There is specific ways to go and treasures to find, monsters to slay, secrets and traps. Turning the whole world into a dungeon just doesn't sit right with me. There's a story to a dungeon, how was it created and why. What was it used for.

    Your idea would be great for something like going to another dimension. Like the Fey Wild.
    There could be new monsters there and that kind of place is perfect for a big Maguss expansion if the game is a big success.

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    @ron-benvenuti I think opening the door would require the user to draw a glyph or the door could even be a mimic, but yeah you get the idea. The walking thing was more for traveling into a new room in the dungeon.

    Glad you liked the idea.

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    @craig-mullan Hello Craig, can you link me to some video of this feeature ? It sounds quite interesting :)

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    This is possible but we are not doing any research on this at the moment. However the idea is very, very interesting :)

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    @maguss You can see it in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCLH3OJSuzY

    Still, don't think this would work perfectly for these dungeons, but for something in the future? Sure. Have any of you played D&D? Travelling to other dimensions is really fun and you can get some inspiration from the lore in the game. Oh and thank you for listening to my own idea! :D

  • You could always set the spawns for the dungeons to appear in public parks. Set a algorithm to measure the size and perimeter of the park and adjust the dungeon accordingly. # of rooms, monsters, difficulty, loot, etc.....

  • I'm a big fan of the dungeon idea. But, to do it properly, they should use the Tank and Healer. Which currently wouldn't work. Because some self-casted Heals Miss the target. Which, IMO, is bullshit. If the tanks evasion is high, the Healer would miss? Sounds crazy, but the battle system would have to be reworked. So that self-casts, and friendly casts would never Miss.

  • @stevenrice I had the same doubt a few days ago so I asked the question to the devs. Actually they replied in a thread that you started on that topic.
    @maguss said in Missing self-casts?:

    @ponpondv Of course not...Accuracy-self formula depends on your concentration.

  • You can try thematic dungeons, with ancient/lost lore behind them. I.e., a draconic dungeon where all monsters are dragon related and/or only certain draconic in natura skills work.

    Also, dungeons with special requirements like, you only can enter with party with at least one member of each faction (which can be thematic on itself)

    Also, the monsters can be the same as in a normal map but with special attributes or harder to deal with but can give more exp/loot than normal.

    Riddles and puzzles are my favorite in dungeons, so that as well can be added.

  • @stevenrice
    I though missing can also be a cast failure not specifically an evade by the target.

  • @maguss said in Long-Forgotten Dungeons:

    We have done a research on this feature but it is exactly the dungeon path which makes it so difficult. It can't be chosen on random - you can't force players to trespass, walk through roads or maybe private property.

    Hey there @maguss !

    What if instead of forcing the player on a certain path, you force the player to walk a certain distance?

    For example:

    • After walking 500m North, the 1st boss appears.
    • To reach the next boss, you have to walk 300m East.
    • In order for the 4th boss to appear, you have to walk East further and beat 2-3 random mobs that spawn in the players area of action.

    And so on. With some Chests here and there - which, if summoned on private property, can be summoned with Magic Dust just like those appearing randomly on the map.

    Most cities, big or small, have routes in all directions. Even in-betweens (Northwest, Southeast, etc).

    However, using this method kind of forces your hand to raise the fight difficulty and also give proper rewards.

    As an alternative, when entering the Dungeon you can present the user two options: Basic / Advanced.

    Basic = Walk a specific distance in any direction, lower difficulty.
    Advanced = The example I've given above, with walking in specific directions.

    I hope this idea helps you in any way! :D
    Thanks for all the hard work, this game has HUGE potential.

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