Long-Forgotten Dungeons

  • You could always set the spawns for the dungeons to appear in public parks. Set a algorithm to measure the size and perimeter of the park and adjust the dungeon accordingly. # of rooms, monsters, difficulty, loot, etc.....

  • I'm a big fan of the dungeon idea. But, to do it properly, they should use the Tank and Healer. Which currently wouldn't work. Because some self-casted Heals Miss the target. Which, IMO, is bullshit. If the tanks evasion is high, the Healer would miss? Sounds crazy, but the battle system would have to be reworked. So that self-casts, and friendly casts would never Miss.

  • @stevenrice I had the same doubt a few days ago so I asked the question to the devs. Actually they replied in a thread that you started on that topic.
    @maguss said in Missing self-casts?:

    @ponpondv Of course not...Accuracy-self formula depends on your concentration.

  • You can try thematic dungeons, with ancient/lost lore behind them. I.e., a draconic dungeon where all monsters are dragon related and/or only certain draconic in natura skills work.

    Also, dungeons with special requirements like, you only can enter with party with at least one member of each faction (which can be thematic on itself)

    Also, the monsters can be the same as in a normal map but with special attributes or harder to deal with but can give more exp/loot than normal.

    Riddles and puzzles are my favorite in dungeons, so that as well can be added.

  • @stevenrice
    I though missing can also be a cast failure not specifically an evade by the target.

  • @maguss said in Long-Forgotten Dungeons:

    We have done a research on this feature but it is exactly the dungeon path which makes it so difficult. It can't be chosen on random - you can't force players to trespass, walk through roads or maybe private property.

    Hey there @maguss !

    What if instead of forcing the player on a certain path, you force the player to walk a certain distance?

    For example:

    • After walking 500m North, the 1st boss appears.
    • To reach the next boss, you have to walk 300m East.
    • In order for the 4th boss to appear, you have to walk East further and beat 2-3 random mobs that spawn in the players area of action.

    And so on. With some Chests here and there - which, if summoned on private property, can be summoned with Magic Dust just like those appearing randomly on the map.

    Most cities, big or small, have routes in all directions. Even in-betweens (Northwest, Southeast, etc).

    However, using this method kind of forces your hand to raise the fight difficulty and also give proper rewards.

    As an alternative, when entering the Dungeon you can present the user two options: Basic / Advanced.

    Basic = Walk a specific distance in any direction, lower difficulty.
    Advanced = The example I've given above, with walking in specific directions.

    I hope this idea helps you in any way! :D
    Thanks for all the hard work, this game has HUGE potential.

  • This is quite a good idea! I support it!

  • Hello!

    I am joining you on this as you joined me on the other :D

    I would prefer maybe a dungeon appearing from time to time ( not that often so the game remains difficult ) ... a certain distance from your actual position. After it appears you have a period of time to walk there and fight

    I think it would be a good idea if the dungeon forces you to fight 3 or 4 fights on a row ( 3 common monsters and a boss ) for special rewards :D ..

  • @fenrikps I agree, they shouldn't appear often.

    And yes, they should appear somewhere on the map and you have to actually walk to the "Dungeon Entrance" in order to enter the fight.

    My suggestion was an alternative to the "fixed route" mentioned by @maguss . ^_^
    Once you enter, the game tracks your distance walked in the direction specified by the dungeon and that way you don't trespass anywhere.

    They could even be Tiered Dungeons.
    The higher the Tier:

    • The fight difficulty increases.
    • You have to walk a longer distance.
    • You will encounter more monsters before reaching the Dungeon Boss.

  • @munchster I think that the issue there would be if the place it leads you after you enter the dungeon it is not accessible (demographically speaking).. if that happens you cannot complete the dungeon and you get stuck.. that is why I suggested 3 fights in a row after reaching the place and going in..


  • @fenrikps That's the whole point. :D It only leads you in a specific direction.

    For example:

    • You have to walk 400m North.
    • You start walking but 300m later you run into a private property building.
    • Change path east, walk until you can go North again.
    • Start walking North 100m and you reach the "checkpoint".

    Late edit:
    To conclude -> The counter will only increase when you walk in the specified direction. It should pause if you have to change course in order to be able to continue in the direction requested by the Dungeon.

  • Like jhamm said earlier, the way to go would be using existing roads as a guideline to randomly generate a dungeon. Everyone can use public side walks, and the highways are labeled on map programs so could be avoided easily enough. That way you could give the dungeon a clear beginning and end point, with specific events scattered by distance, along the way.

    As far as the Draconius portal idea someone suggested....I play that game pretty often and I have to say it feels far from a dungeon. The idea is cool but making a large square/circle on the map red, throwing some different monsters in there, doesn't make it a dungeon. It would be a great idea for transporting to other realms like someone said, a long dangling tree root that you can climb up into a sky realm that turns the map a cloud texture....things like that it would work for...but not so much a dungeon where you want specific events to happen in a certain order.

  • A combination would be great. Here is my idea (i take some parts of your ideas to present the best I could think about, credits to you all aswell).

    Spawn of the dungeon: Should somewhere in the near of thr player but rare. About 1 kilometer (or dependijg on difficulty of dungeon more) away and an hour tike to get there. Forces player to sometimes go to places they have never been which increases a Dungeon feeling. Other players also can see this dungeon (all 2-3 hours x players are chosen to trigger a dungeon depending on their location, everybody sees it and can join).

    Dungeon Opening: It is a bigger icon on the map. You need to draw a glyph to open it. Sometimes you need a special component to open it like Demons Blood (rare drop) or alternatively every dungeon needs the same material to open (the amounz differs depending on difficulty of dungeon). This material is found by special monsters on the map or can rarely be bought by the Travelling Merchant (which hopefully makes his way to the game this year).

    Dungeon itself: I like the idea of the interface get changed and you have a map like in D & D or in Zelda (for people who dont know D & D). To better explain it, i give a scenario. I enter the dungeon. First I have to walk a long path. I choose to do so and now every meter I walk (doesnt matter in which direction) counts to the dungeon. Sometimes while you walk you encounter a random enemy which you have to fight. You continue walking. When you reach a place where you have to decide where to go, you will do so. I choose to go left. I walk in real life some more meters to finally get the notificatioj to reach a closed door. I have to go back and go right. Now i find a big room where a puzzle has to be done. I solved it and get a minor boss. I killed him and he gave me the key. I go back to the left side and open the door. A big boss appear which I kill. I get the loot end my journey on this dungeon ends. It is a little bit short but dungeons will be much larger needing several kilometers (5 km for the lowest tier of dungeon) to complete.

    Or short: You choose the direction ingame and walk in whatever direction you want. Ingame you progress. Sometimes there is a random enemy encounter. Sometimes there are scripted encounters.

    Alternatively once a weak (Saturday sounds good) everywhere on the world dungeons open. These dungeons shouldnt be more than 15 kilometer from each other away. You can only open one dungeon per week in this version. Dungeon keeps open until you completed it (a leader is determined, his distance counts, but in encounters everybody is involved). But beware, if you need longer than a week you will miss the chance visiting another dungeon the following week.

    I hope i was able to explain it good. If not I will make a document with drawings. This is an idea which was created through all your ideas. So thank you all.

  • @maguss Maybe you could have the players, during the beta, map out routes (via an app like MapPath or something) and share them with you guys somehow. That way the workload will be lessened on you guys (for the mapping at least).

  • @the-cog said in Long-Forgotten Dungeons:

    the way to go would be using existing roads as a guideline to randomly generate a dungeon

    That's exactly what they say they've done their research on, and it wasn't implemented because it can (if it can fail, it will fail) lead you on private property or how about a road that's now closed? :)

    As much as I like the idea, I do have to admit it I'm skeptical about it.

    @dragoneye95 said in Long-Forgotten Dungeons:

    Forces player to sometimes go to places they have never been

    Why force me to go in the bad side of town? :D I like games, but I wouldn't get mugged because of one.

  • @munchster Well you have to go to special places to open dungeons. Thats it. One of the persons before me said it could be easily set on parks. You open then there, on a special location. You choose your direction INGAME and then you walk the direction you want to. Every meter counts towards the dungeon, the direction doesnt matter.

  • Maybe the entry point to the dungeon should be in a known place, then when you enter the dungeon it switches the map to a different map (like portals in draconius go) and we could have bigger interaction circle in this dungeon dimension to reach the bosses and other features, and the dungeon opens for 1 hour in the middle of the day and 1 hour in the evening then closes until next week and the day after another dungeon opens in another part of the city.

  • I don't know if this could be implemented, but it will be great if you can use existing roads (as mentioned before), which can be "activated" by solving puzzles, or beating enemies.
    For example, from the entrance of the dungeon (that has to be a in fixed location on the map), you can walk in only one road (representing a room, highlighted on the map, or colored differently). In this road/room you have to find keys (as said before by beating enemies or by solving puzzles) to open other rooms ("activating" near streets on the map).
    In this way you can choose the path, to avoid issues with private properties or closed roads.
    The only problem with this idea is that, as I said, i don't know if it's easy, or possible at all, to implement

  • Well and ingame you should be able to choose the ingame direction. That gives the feeling of exploring. The dungeon is then really close to a Zelda dungeon. Exploring the dungeon by your own, solving puzzles, beating enemies, finding treasures. Maybe requiring the use of special environmental spells (freezing a sea of lava to go other it) which costs "Mana" which needs to be refreshed by fighting the enemies in the dungeon (note that not all enemies are scripted, some may be random encounters).

  • I got to thinking more about how to make dungeons possible even for those of us who live in rural areas and are concerned with trespassing...just make it so when you click the dungeon icon it opens up whatever layout you want and layers it over the map. The player could then walk in ANY direction and so long as they are moving their avatar will proceed through the dungeon layout. If you wanted the dungeon to fork in different directions just have a prompt asking the player which way they would like to go where the path forks. You would have to make any rooms no larger than the circle interaction size, since the only direction you can travel is forward and left and right if prompted....making it hard to explore a large open area, but good for long hallways and winding caverns.

    The dungeon icons could pop in random areas, and last for a week, with a timer clearly displayed above the dungeon icon. After a week the dungeons would move to a new location. That way everyone would eventually get a crack at one even if they live in the middle of nowhere.

    Pretty much solves the need to trespass to finish a dungeon, as anyone with any amount of walking space could now fully complete one. With the dungeons moving around weekly would help people in the middle of nowhere get a shot at one maybe once or twice a month, sounds good to me anyway....

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