Long-Forgotten Dungeons

  • @dragoneye95 sorry for the misread then haha....I do think this is the way to go though

  • Another idea to enable dungeons that work anywhere: How about crowdsourcing dungeons? A little bit like new portals/missions in Ingress. You have to reach a certain level to obtain this ability (so that we can trust new players won't create stupid dungeons) and then can create a dungeon that consists of a few chosen streets and "rooms" (elements that change at random when the dungeon is played). These will then have to be reviewed by other players living in the area and up/downvoted. If a dungeon gets enough upvotes, it'll be accessible to everyone.
    Doing it like this could also allow dungeons to have custom stories/"engravings" in the walls or stuff that is location-specific (like a certain statue playing a role in the few lines of story the dungeon might contain).

  • @namnodorel

    The problem with reality (citymap) based dungeons is that for players living in unpopulated areas, countryside will be less opportunities. There will be more dungeons in big cities. And i think this game idea is that you can play this game everywhere with same chance, monsters appaer everywhere with same density for example.

    But that can be good idea that high level players can make dungeons and the checked and affirmatived dungeons could then apper anywhere

  • I would like the dungeon to be playable by walking around the track at my local school or sports complex. I like the zelda map idea and I feel the distance traveled to be more important than the direction traveled while in a dungeon. The total dungeon experience should be doable between a mile and 3 miles. The total time of a dungeon shouldn't be more than 10-30 minutes max with encounters taking about a minute each after a few minutes of walking. Potentially you could have a party experience where the door opens [in a park?] at the top of the hour or once every 3 hours some set cycle and you can be paired with up to 5?? players within a few levels of your own. Once the party is filled your traveled distances are combined allowing the party to stick together for each encounter. The multiplayer encounters would need to be worked out some way but it's just a starting idea to build on.

  • How about this:

    You have mentioned that dungeons are supposed to be found in "special" areas accessible to most people.

    How about programming an algorithm that finds x-number of points of interest (like, maybe a coffee shop, a park and then a fastfood restaurant) within y-number of meters of each other(let's say, 500 meters max, 250 minimum?) and then make the points of interest as the "rooms" for the dungeon. Then we wouldnt have to worry about distance walked, direction to walk or even if it's feasible to walk to a place--you simply need to walk to a certain point that is accessible). With this x-POI y-meters method, it might probably be easier to randomize each dugeon for a unique experience. (Quick clarification: Google Maps does have points of interest, right? Maybe you guys could utilize that or something similar. Like PoGo's pokestops or sumthn) With the importance of POI, just like PoGo, establishment owners can also capitalize on a rapidly growing game like Maguss, maybe even potentially become a strategy that can encourage new players? shrug

    Anyway, maybe rewards should then vary depending on the total cumulative distance between points of interest (e.g. 10 gold * y-meters). Random encounters can also be sprinkled here and there on the journey with special mobs that drop items or just add a guardian monster in every room idk.

  • @pg-olivier-bulfa
    This make a hug gap between city and rural players (or players from populated/sparsely populated countries)

  • @coto013 to think about it, PoGo's pokestops utilize POI as well and as a person living in the suburbs, i know the struggle xD But, i mean, PoGo still succeeded with minimal complaint regarding that so... shrug

    (However, i realize that rewards in Maguss are more closely linked to progression than PoGo so it does pose a problem. You have a point)

  • @pg-olivier-bulfa said in Long-Forgotten Dungeons:

    PoGo still succeeded with minimal complaint regarding that so... shrug

    PoGo only succeeded because it has pokemon on it's name, the app is bad it has little to no combat choices, it's full of bugs (even at the 1 year aniversary everything went bad, remember the minor text fixes meme) and the progression feels forced.

  • Also with POI copyright is a problem. Niantic has users placing portals/pokestops for them manually, and unfortunaley Maguss can't just reuse Googles data for its own purposes.

  • @maguss it would be great if dungeons work as choose the directions only. like u got into a dungeon and then it shows two options of way, then again and so far to the boss...

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