Perfect Aroma Potion

  • So, I read that the aroma potion was fixed. I used a perfect aroma potion and was excited to see a monster slowly wander across my screen and into my circle. I battled it and won 171 gold. I waited and waited until the potion ran out but no other monsters showed up. If that’s how the potion is supposed to work, I won’t be using them anymore. It’s better to sell them for 219 gold. Has anyone else had better luck with them?

  • Im in the same boat, all I get is 1 monster, even on the 10 minute one.

  • I tried the same, I bought two aroma potions, one for T1-T5 monsters and the other one for T6-T10 monsters.
    Only a Gremlin has been attracted to me. After the battle, no other monsters come to me and the effects of the aroma potion for T1-T5 monsters disappeared before 10 minutes.

    I walked a little but no other monsters, neither the closest monsters outside my area come to me.

  • administrators

    That is a very serious bug and already in our bug list. Sorry for that. We will fix it.

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