German translation (my first attempt)

  • I'm from Germany and I know poeple who play and love Maguss (like I do), but would be able to enjoy more details of the game, if there was a german localization. But it's quite understandable that there are still a lot more important things to implement at the moment.

    Nevertheless I began to translate some of the main parts of the interface into german language.

    On the one hand, it's simply fun :-). On the other hand, this may help some german players to dive deeper into the game (especially beginners - open beta's coming soon).

    And I thought it could be a suggestion for a later localization. Or a basis for a discussion how terms used in the game could be translated to preserve the atmosphere and sense, which means that some of them shouldn't be translated absolute directly.

    In case that someone's interested, I published my present result here: (I'll update the content occasionally).

  • @schlesim good job. People should speak English but it's impossible for everyone so I think it's necessary the game has other languages.

    I'm working also to translate the game to Spanish :P

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    @schlesim @Yami Good work you two, I'll help translate the game into Danish if needed, but the devs do work here, so I guess their danish is pretty great.

  • I've updated and expanded my german translation:

  • @yami I am a Spanish native speaker as well. If you need any help, please let me know and I will do my best to assist you. @Maguss are interested in this kind of help? Are there in place proper channels to submit our work for you to review?

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    @faranhaz I am sorry but we can't focus on this right now. We plan official localization sometimes after OBT. However if you can help non-English speakers understand the game better we support all those efforts :)

  • @Faranhaz as @Maguss said they are not focusing on that so we will have to wait and help others to understand the game but thank you very much ^^

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    When you guys get to the point where you need to translate the game, I would highly suggest using something like This is what Minecraft uses to translate the game. It makes it very easy for users to help translate parts of the game. Users suggest a translation, other users can upvote if they think it's a correct translation and the developers get the final say.

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