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    Q: When is the open beta?
    We plan to release an Open Beta version on summer 2017.

    Q: When is release?
    We do not have exact date yet, sorry

    Q: Should I buy Early Access?
    You can ask more than 3000 backers whether they are satisfied. We do not force anybody to buy an early access. You can wait until the end of Summer when the game is going to be in free Beta if you prefer not to spend anything.

    Q: Why is Early Access so expensive?
    We are an independent startup and use the money generated for Development and to make sure that the developers don't have to have another day job to pay the bills.

    Q: How do I submit a bug?
    You can submit a bug by choosing the Report button at the bottom of the main menu. Please be a thorough as possible when filling out the form so that the Developers can have as much information as they can to replicate and find the problem.

    Q: Social, Groups, and Trading?
    There are plans for more social type aspect of the game to included groups, trading and more, but at this time the focus has been on the core aspects of the game.

    Q: What is going on with Dungeons?
    Dungeons are still planned, but there are several other aspects of the game that need to be implemented and improved before getting to the Dungeons.

    Q: Professions?
    At this time, there is no plan for Professions per se, but you can decide what your main focus in the game will be based off the skills you decide to develop.

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