My ideas so far

  • This is just my ideas on the game at present.
    Coming from Pogo & DraGo and not really been into magic and that kind of games, it was a little strange but I am getting used to it now. :D

    (1) Monsters & Items need to pop up asap(The devs now about this), I mean this is a real drawback for me. When they eventually do pop up most of them are behind me where i just came from.
    (2) Shops in the game world(As interact-able buildings).
    Currently we have a shop menu with all the shops like potions, recipes etc. I would love them to be buildings in game so we have more reason to go outside and play maguss. If I wanted an energy drink I would need to go out to the shop and get one(You get my point). So we could have a potions shop, equipment shop and the rest etc. This is pure my opinion and some may disagree.
    (3) Brewing at home only. This was not my idea, someone on the forum mentioned it, i forgot who. I like the idea and would make more sense.
    (4) Nests(Something similar anyway) Some items & monsters are mostly common in parks and of course you can still see them outside of parks but there more common in parks. This would give you a better reason to visit your local parks.
    (5) Arena's(Interact-able building) Just like Pokemon Go(Gym) where we can take over the arena but not with monsters. So just like duelling and if you win you will be crowned king or whatever in magic terms and then your the owner of the arena. We gain xp for winning as well.

    This is all i can think of for now.

  • @craig-mullan
    (2) Shops in the game world(As interact-able buildings).
    This is a good point but the game, and I like to go out and walk for play. But the game is being developed to play from home...

    (3) Brewing at home only.
    I think who mentioned this was @jhamm, not sure :P
    And should be implemented, from the game you set up your home and you can't change it in 24/48 hours. There should be the only place where you can do potions :P

    (4) Nests(Something similar anyway)
    Agree with that, but not only for monsters, also for materials. Anyway, I'm not sure how the spawn works and maybe it's secondary.

    (5) Arena's(Interact-able building)
    I think they are working on it. It's called Faction Wars(?)

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    @yami Nah it wasn't me that posted that, but I think I replied to it? Maybe.

    (2) I think this will restrict the game far too much, special buildings with special things to buy? Sure. bot the normal everyday shops, I want to have access to them at all time. This would be similar to the Wandering Björn idea they already have plans for. As Yami said this game is designed to be played far from home and you should still have access to most things that way.

    (3) I kinda like this idea, but also think that real wizards would have a potion kit with them. I'm kinda not decided if I like this idea or not.

    (4) Yeah, I like this idea. I also think some monsters should only spawn in water etc. Also some monsters should summon in packs, like wolfs. So they should have a bigger chance to summon next to the same race. The same with ingredients, if an ingredient is present then it's logical that it would spread its seed. That way the area would have similar plants next to it.

    (5) this is much like the planned faction wars

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    @craig-mullan Thanks for the suggestions.

    1. Will be addressed
    2. Wandering Bjorn is to be implemented after Open Beta release.
    3. Not sure about this. I think we will keep it as it is for now :)
    4. This could be implemented in the future.
    5. We have Fortresses and Faction War designed :)

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    @yami "But the game is being developed to play from home..." You mean away from home? If you mean from your living room that is really not true and never will be. You wont be able to enjoy all game features from home

  • @Maguss Thanks, I can't wait for the faction wars. I know number 1 is being addressed but are items and monsters supposed to despawn after a certain time? The items and monsters and even a chest that appeared last night are still on my map from last night.

  • Making potions only from home was my idea. :)

    And I like the shops in the world and the monster nests ideas.

  • @henric-melin shops in the world or brew only in a special space will unbalance the game for the vast majority of people who don't live in cities. I personally like to wander, collect, seat to rest and enjoy a place a bit while brewing few potions and leave. I also brew potions during lunch break and I don't see I don't see anything good about adding restrictions in the game ...

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