A supplement of bugs and a bit of fun

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    Potion bug #1
    Well, this update introduced some new bugs that I hadn't noticed in the past. First and foremost, Alice keeps appearing in the potion brewing area and when she does there is no way to get out of the game/area. I literally have to close the entire game. Here's a video where you can see me trying everything else: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1quNsmBYXc

    Potion bug #2
    Another issue was also in the potion brewing area. I created my potion and accidentally clicked out of it instead of ok (This happens quite a lot and could be an issue in and of itself) When I had done that, there was literally no way to pick the potion up or get into the menu again. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5m2s4tSz3U

    Monsters don't utilise their spell slots
    I have had this weird thing happening often where monsters don't use spells or use very little spells. Like this:


    As you can see none of the monsters are overheated.
    Also I don't know if you have tried to fix any of the bugs I posted last time, but as far as I can tell, none of them are fixed. So the thread is still worth checking out.

    Lastly a bit of fun. As you know I really dislike the current map with its pixel roads and blurry stuff. So I tried to create my own for fun and.. I now know it's harder than I thought to make a map look really good. But the pixel thing and bad quality should be able to be fixed. Along with the weird thing where road names appear in the game. I played around with the mapbox api which is designed to work with unity. It's bad, but you can check it out if you want :D

  • i noticed the "monsters not using heat" bug too, but i think it is restricted to a list of monsters. For example Troll seems fine to me. And i think the bugged monsters only use one of their spells like it's the only one they have

    Atm the list of monsters not behaving properly is
    Tier I Ghost wholf (not sure about the name)
    Tier III Stone Golem
    Tier VII Dark Shade

  • @jhamm Bug 2: This happens to me aswell it was fine before the update as our potions were still there.
    Thats a nice map, even better that its OSM, the current map doesn't show all paths which OSM does.

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    @jhamm 1. In the bug list with highest prio.

    1. Also in the bug list.
    2. Stone Demon's AI is off. Howler Wolf is T1 monster which you fight at lvl 1 - that is why it only uses 1 MA.
    3. We also want to improve how map looks but that is not the priority at the moment.

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