I volunteer as tribute !

  • Dear Ondrej and @administrators Maguss team,

    I read that you fixed some bugs in the tutorial and I'm pleased to read that.

    However, most of the hard core wizards gamers on this forum that are exploring and digging up the bugs of the game are not at all using the tutorial anymore. We're way passed that.

    I want to volunteer to sacrifice my character (so long, hero !) For a reset and test your tutorial again.

    1. Can somebody tell me how do I can manage to start again the game from the beginning ?
    2. Who of the other hard core wizards gamers is with me ?!

  • @ponpondv I had the same idea days ago, but not for the tutorial. I just wanted to try another class, because I had leveled the Druid to 28. I wanted to know if every class has exclusive spells, so I hoped to try another class. The game will definitely be wiped, and reset, when it actually launches. So, I'll know which class I want to be permanently. I'm going to be holding the world record for hours played in this game.

    I contacted the Maguss team using the Facebook Messenger, and told them that I wanted to help test a different class. Even though I just wanted a preview of spells on a different class. They just asked for my Alpha key, and they reset my game. I found no bugs in the tutorial. I hope this doesn't create more work for the developers, they are hard at work creating the game of my dreams. Hope it helps.

  • administrators

    @ponpondv Hello, please contact us on our FB page with your key and we can reset it :)

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