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    Q: Do I have to walk around the world to actually play the game?
    No. You can stay at the comfort of your home and still enjoy it. You won't be able to experience all the game has to offer but main features such as PvP, trading and crafting will be available to you without any restrictions.

    Q: What will be the level of customization offered for our in-game avatars?
    Actually we're keeping the player customization rather simple. A player has 6 equipment slots to control the look, as well as ‘Illusions’ that you can gain from League play. In addition to all the spells and potions to pimp out their character with beneficial effects.

    Q: Will there be max XP?
    The XP will be now automatically assigned to specific skills based on the activity the player is doing. Some activities belong to groups that let you gain XP for the single skill. Example may be walking and discovering items/monsters all belongs to exploring skill. There won't be only 10 levels for each skill but rather 60 as we want our players keep interested for a longer period and reward them for their efforts accordingly.

    Q: Can the game be played everywhere?
    As of right now, we can't promise it. The monster and item positioning algorithm is still a work in progress utilizing GPS coordinates received from a cellular signal, therefore it is too soon to say if it will be available in all locations. The algorithm used to populate the game is different than that of any other AR game, making it playable everywhere you can get signal. We've had reports of people playing it while out in the woods camping, trail hiking, and even mountain biking. As it stands, if you can get signal, you should be able to play.

    Q: Is it a single-player game?
    No it isn't. Maguss is an online game which allows you to play with friends and other players from all around the world. Trade with them, raid a dungeon together or duel each other.

    Q: Will the game have player progression?
    Most definitely. Most of the known RPG elements were incorporated in to the game. To make it even more interesting, we have added some not-so-common features. As a result, we have an uncommon game system with an exciting story.

    Q: Will there be PvE? What else is there to do, other than dueling with your friends and strangers?
    Yes, there will be a PvE mode. Dueling aside, we made sure there will be plenty of other immersive things to do. Anything from trying to master numerous professions such as crafting and studying magical runes, through accomplishing quests, trading and collecting herbs and materials.

    Q: What is the real date it will be open for everyone?
    We do not have exact date yet, sorry

    Q: Why open beta move from April to end of Summer
    We want to put in more features before we release it to public. We believe the wait will be worth it

    Q: Will there be a game reset after the beta is completed?
    All user data will be reset once official release is out.

    Q: Will you be releasing a video or adding a tutorial to the game to help explain the mechanics of game play?
    We will add tutorial when all the core mechanics are in the game. At the moment, it would be counter-productive as we add new features constantly and we would have to change it very often.

    Q: -Will the game be freemium? Will money make all the difference?
    Yes. And absolutely not! The game will be free-to-download and play. For those players who will want to enhance their gaming experience, we have prepared a sophisticated system of in-game purchases. That way they can gain access to exclusive items, spells and much more.

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