Brewing Glitch

  • When I play the Maguss Brewing mini game (with the yellow bubbles), sometimes at the end I'm still pressing bubbles, and it "skips" the part where I can say "Improve" or "OK". Mostly seems to happen when I'm still pressing bubbles at the end of the game. Anyway, it locks me out of that Cauldron, and the timer never progresses. I hafta to Cancel that Cauldron and start all over, which wastes my Herbs, time, and Tonic reservoir.

    It's a pretty frustrating bug, happens a lot!

    The only way I can avoid it is by paying attention to the meter at the top of the brewing game and stop tapping bubbles as I get closer to completion.0_1517336461766_Cauldron.jpg

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    @lightangel Yep, I think I said this somewhere. But yeah it's an issue and I have had this happening so many times. Please just make the only thing you can press either "OK" or "Improve" there's no reason to have the option to go out of it.

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