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    Q: When will we receive the IGG Package perks?
    In game rewards will be granted at the official release after open beta. It contains in game currency and we can't afford having it out without proper tests.

    Q: What is VIP in the IGG Perks?
    VIP was a legacy idea. The Game has changed a lot since the initial conception, as such the VIP doesn't fit with the game design anymore. What will take it's place hasn't been decided as yet, there may be some in game advantages or maybe we will refund that part in an in game currency.

    Q: I bought the 24hr alpha key, when will I get it?
    Within 24hr, but understand the company is based in Denamrk and they are working on the game, so they do a key dump once a day. It might be a full 24hrs from when you purchased it, depending on when you purchased it.

    Q: What to expect with alpha key e-mail
    You will get two emails when the key is sent out:

    1. is for IOS test flight, a required program for beta testing games on IOS, you will get this even if you specify that you are on android.
    2. is an email with the Alpha key itself. If you are missing an e-mail, check your spam, junk, and other filtered folders

    NOTICE: If you have purchased Alpha 2.0(Early Closed Beta) and used a different email address than the one you would like the key to be sent to, please fill in the following form:

    Moreover, we promised to deliver custom made spells and summons and we haven’t forgotten. As we have to perfect the game first, you won’t see them until official release. However, we already need the necessary information to draw first sketches and start the design process. If you have bought a perk with a design option available, please, fill in the form/s below:

    Q: Why does it cost so much?
    We are working hard on making this game better and better each day. We keep updating as much as possible and new features are added regularly. As an independent startup, the money is used for development of the game and to make sure those developers have a place to stay and food to eat.

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