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  • Well since update I was trying all and find that when enter to battle theres a delay on my glyph tracing and cant draw glyphs from bottom to top need to start from the top downwards to get glyph on the screen, but If I go to practice screen it appears normal like always.

  • I'm having the same issue since last night patch
    @Maguss can you check? :)

  • I fought necromancer and cant cast any spell when fighting this monster. u_u and with somemonsters apprear to ve delayed more x-x, @Maguss can u check Im losing pvp duels cause this hehehehehe I will never gain the formal suit from the rewards XD

  • @rurik-vlein-nogard-b
    i found a workaround, i if i draw the spells in the top-left quadrant of my screens (more or less the area where you character is) i'm able to draw all of them. Just think to draw them in a more little version :)

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    You should draw all your spells in the middle of the screen. Are you sure you were drawing correct glyphs? Is your gyro turned off ?

  • @maguss

    This does happen to me as well though rare. Usually it is the heart shaped glyph that is buggered.

    Keep it sparky!

  • Well I have testing and Ill see that the hearth definetly bugged, also all the glyphs from bottom to top, I really have mastered the glyph drawing and can assure you Im drawing it right theres still a delay, somethimes I cant draw until the red sparkes dissapear, bottom to top didnt work and try to fight necromancers and stone golem and not even a line appears in my drawing.

    Btw I try to put on the gyroscope and start working then when pvp isnt and turned off and so, still no clear drawing.

    I know the pain the other feel when say u draw like 8497592347933237752974987415897941719827359875987132591795791 times and doesnt appear anything hehehe. Still testing.

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    @rurik-vlein-nogard-b Let us know. Btw video is the best evidence :)

  • Here's the video!


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    @ron-benvenuti I am not sure what this is supposed to prove :D You were not casting correct glyphs therefore all you got were red particles.

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    @maguss don't be so quick please, look at what the guy is actually talking about. He is doing these false glyphs to better show the large delay between drawing and the game showing what you were drawing. For example when he went from side to side a bunch of times, the game only registered one stroke.

    Of course he wasn't drawing right, the guys not dumb. This delays the game too much and is indeed an issue/bug

  • @maguss

    So far today, it has happened to me twice.

    What occurs: The drawing surface area is reduced to the upper quadrant of the screen for a random number of turns and then resets.

    This seems to happen more often when I battle a Naga Serpent.

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    @jhamm I still dont understand what is a problem. I think I am missing something. If you just draw in the middle of the screen all glyphs should be registered. Some take a bit more time to grasp but I really dont think there is an issue with any glyph (besides maybe second). Or what is the problem ?

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    @maguss Hmm let me try and explain it a different way. You know how the game shows "golden" dust while drawing the glyph and also the "golden" line that follows your fingers movement across the phone screen? As you can see in his video, he has problems with actually making that appear. When he draws the lines from left to right, you can see the "red" dust appears and he's unable to make the game register and make the "golden" dust and line.

    I mean I think that's the issue here. So in that way the game doesn't register what he is drawing. Which is a problem.

  • Ok that was what I was thinking, I make my video but only appears what I do on the screen. Actually didnt see what Im drawing, @jhamm is right the thing is that I never make anything that is really not a big problem important but I really thing that this will be costy if leave that way I promise Ill put a video today too see what we are talking about, but personally me I stop to playing in the last days cause I cant get my glyphs like before and always lost the battles pvp or pve cause this, and I love the game . Imagine new players during open beta surely 30% will stop playing the game until the bug is fixed . I know ure taking ranks on what to do cause the open beta is near but we thing this is really important, so lets take the evidence to we our problem fixed. Sorry my bad english hehehehe.

    Ok here I go


    And the Necromancer


    Check my quick glyph drawing btw hehehehehehe.

  • thanks @jhamm and @Rurik-Vlein-Nogard-B
    what i wanted to show (and Rurik's video is a great example) is that on some huge areas of the screen you cannot draw on some directions

    The worst direction in the center of the screen is the one that starts from bottom right and moves diagonally to top left, that one will NEVER appear (so it's not just a delay problem, it's like a blind area!)
    As you can see from Rurik's video, he cannot draw the ninth glyph in the middle of the screen but he has to use the workaround i suggested (hehe) and draw a small glyph in the top-left area of the screen

    The strange thing is that other directions are working fine. For example moving diagonallyfrom top-left to bottom-right always works

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    Thanks guys, @Rurik-Vlein-Nogard-B videos are the best! The thing is, we have never experienced this so far. Adding to the bug list. I hope we can fix this. When did this start ? With the latest update ? Also, the testscreen works without any problems, correct ?

  • Latest update
    Test deck works fine

  • Yeah since the 61 or 62 update I though that will eventually get fixed so I report it hehehe. True test screens working soooo good thats why I wonder what happend, Im glad we can help.

  • I am having a similar problem, after 2 rounds no spells are recognised
    Video @Maguss
    Sorry for the poor quality video is blurry as hell and cuts out due to running out of power on the camera.

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