Class changed?

  • When I first started playing I chose Warden, & have seen my Triple Eye emblem when ever in the character screen.
    With the new update & character customization upon log in. I only have the option to be a Paladin. I have currently just closed the App rather than continue with the customization As I would really prefer to be a Warden as I was.

  • Update: After closing the app, It saved my changes to the customization & I'm back as A warden. Unsure why the final Accept screen showed paladin. phew! haha

  • I have to confirm, i saw paladin too but it was probably just unupdated label because after saving i had my original class. But i suspect some simillar mess exists in character creation when you cycle back and forward trough steps and its more important there.

  • administrators

    All these problems occur because we try to implement such stuff as character customization (which is done at the beginning) without any wipes. This should not be a problem once we wipe all accounts with open beta release :)

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