Loot needs work.

  • On my last trip out, I killed 5 monsters, and got not one piece of loot dropped. Even the loot I get from chests, is worthless.

  • administrators

    @stevenrice Well 5 monsters isnt really that much...We will increase the drop rate a bit but you will definitely need to kill more than 5 monsters to get a good drop :)

  • @maguss Thanks for the swift response. I'm gonna be killing way more than 5 monsters at a time.

    Besides, I know that good drops are supposed to be rare. But, really, even if they drop junk, they should be dropping more

  • administrators

    @stevenrice We will see about others feedback. We already increased it because we also thought it is too low but lets see :)

  • @maguss Thank you gentlemen. If we get more drops, even if they're junk, we will gain slightly more money. Because the drops will take precious space in our inventory. :)

  • @stevenrice
    If you are on Discord, you can see the T2 gear I have. It does take time and I recommend a luck booster too.

  • @robynoakwise I'm not expecting to get the best gear from the low level monsters. But, I really believe that we should even see ingredient drops,even one or two ingredients. Not absolutely no drops.

  • In my opinion, the gear is really boring, and does not give much build options..

    Every tier should (imo) have lots of different types of gear with different bonuses. And higher gear could have more and/or higher stat bonuses..

  • I would have to agree that Even ingredient drops would be nice to increase the loot rates & make it all feel worth it.

    Also HIGHLY agree that the gear is extremely boring, as Henric stated, build options are non existent. Increasing the variety of gear & adding a gear crafting ability would be nice. As it is, this lacking aspect of the game is making it hard to want to keep playing.

    Feels as though as certain levels, everyone has the same gear, same spells, same feel. The game is lacking variety in about every area except ingredients HAHA

  • administrators

    @henric-melin We will work on this. Agree with you. There will be more variety

  • administrators

    @omnilumous There are qualities to gear so even if you have the same piece as other player that piece may have much better attributes. However we will definitely add more

  • @Maguss what does the quality spread look like? so far I've encountered grey, green and orange(brown?) items(only one green, and on a ring). Just curious. I think its looks like this Grey<Orange(Brown)<Green. i could be wrong. comparing between different tiers on different rings makes it hard to judge which should be kept/sold.

  • administrators

    @disturbed1nstict the Equipment description is going to get improved but there are 5 qualities Poor (grey), Good (orange/brown), Excellent (green), Mint (yellow-ish), Legendary (purple) :)

  • @maguss

    I have a full set of the gold colleted gear the fourth rank I think with one item as purple. It really does make a difference. I can also pick and choose gear specific to my play style. Example: If you want to make sure that Cleanse spell works get the piece with the Debuff Cure bonus. It is there right now you have to work at it and not expect to be uber over night. Want to be a badass with Magic Arrow? Find a great Wand that multiplies it's damage.

    Please @Maguss don't let the powergaming population ruin your game. The loot drops are fine right now IF you hunt and use the Boosters as intended. Some folks want it all right now and that has the potential to destroy the long term play of this wonderful game.

    Ok, off my soapbox lol

    Keep it sparky!

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