Combat formulas - what does each stat do specifically?

  • Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has formulas so we know exactly what each stat does. (Disclaimer: I have not yet played the game as I'm waiting for open beta.) Right now I know general ideas, such as Concentration affects how likely you are to hit, but I don't know what Concentration 10 means, for example. Is it like 50% chance to hit + 10% concentration or what?

  • @tony-wickham nope we don't know, i think we will have to theoricraft it ourselves

  • This post is deleted!

  • Okay. Well, based on experience for those who are in alpha, do you have a better idea of what each stat does? Mainly wondering if attack/defense are additive or a percentage, and how concentration works.

  • nope. at current, no one knows. and its good it stays that way to prevent the formation of "cookie-cutter builds" - which will alienate the other stats/classes.

  • These things keep getting tweaked. It’s way too early to invest time figuring it out. Wait till later in the beta when things get a bit more stable.

  • I just read the class descriptions and I'm sure I have a wrong view because people say it's balanced, so please correct me:

    Paladin: High damage, low defense, normal guy
    Rogue: High precision, high crit, average HP, will hit everyone hard (why isn't he the one with the lowest HP?)
    Warden: high HP, high evasion, low damage, theoretical counter to rogue but precision and evasion will balanced themselfes out and it will be a boring fight with high hp, low damage vs. normal hp, normal damage
    Druid: everything and nothing, won't hit the warden due to high evasion, won't win against rogue because he hits harder with crits, won't win against paladin because he hits harder with normals

  • @tiaryn

    I have to disagree. Any class played well can adapt and be formidable in a duel. The comments about Druid are simply not true.

    Keeping it sparky!

  • @tiaryn
    i guess you are interested in PVP

    Then, right now it's more like

    Paladin: hits hard but not always, very vulnerable
    Rogue: difficult to hit, hits always, crit often(but dmg is low)
    Warden: tankiness
    Druid: jack of all trades

    Paladin: glass cannon, the longer the fight, the harder it hits
    Rogue: uses knowled as an advantage to trick the opponent
    Warden: purposely receives damage because the more damage it gets the stronger it becomes
    Druid: immune to inflictions, can silence enemyes, likes to gamble

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