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    Q: What is Maguss?
    Maguss is a free-to-play AR wizarding mobile MMORPG. Cast spells on your smartphone or using the Maguss Wand! Walk to raid dungeons and collect ingredients, study to learn spells, brew potions and fight to earn respect and glory. While the world is a stage, you are the lead actor

    Q: Is this just HP-go?
    Maguss exists in a completely different world and only has magic in common with HP.

    Q: Is this a PoGo clone?
    Not at all. We have come up with an idea for a game long before there was any mention of Pokemon Go. Let the Kickstarter campaign be the proof.

    Q: Who is Maguss?
    Our ambition was to combine the world we are living in with the one most of us have only dreamed of. That is why we came up with Maguss. A unique AR mobile game with an entirely different approach to gaming. We want you to take care of our world.

    Q: I've heard the game is already out. How can I play it?
    The Alpha version of the game has already been released. You can get an access and join other Alpha testers by supporting development of this awesome game on Indiegogo campaign. We plan to release an Open Beta version on summer 2017.

    Q: How do I get Just an Alpha Key?
    You can purchase just the Alpha Key from the main Website Maguss.org

    Q: What mobile platforms are supported?
    So far only iOS and Android, later we plan on supporting Windows Phones.

    Q: What if I have a question for the development team?
    You are more than welcome to join the discussion on our forum. Feel free to ask questions, post suggestions or just chat with other players. Team members are very active and reply promptly. We can't wait to see you!

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