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  • There may have already been a post on this but I could not find it.

    The tier I selected with the Indigogo pledge came with the following:
    "Includes Early closed Beta access on 1st January + Founder-only starter ring “Ring of the Ancients” + Starter set of ingredients for crafting + Redeemable code worth $20 of magic dust + Instant upgrade to a Premium VIP account with no limitations + In-game title of “Neophyte Founder” + Your name in the backer credits!"

    However, the only thing I have received is the early access. No ring, no starter set of ingredients (which is kinda pointless now that I'm higher level in potions), no code for $20 worth of magic dust, and none of the rest of it (though I am assuming the rest of the perks will not occur till the game releases in full).

    Are these items not available yet? Is there something else I should do to receive them? Is there already a post on this issue?


  • @fradeth
    It is a previous question and has been answered a bunch of times.

    The perk items are not given at testing as there will be character wipes. You will get them once the game no longer includes wipes. That way you are not going to lose them right off.

    Keep it sparky!

  • administrators

    Exactly. You will receive a redeemable code either directly at or soon after open beta launch. Though some items (such as the Ring) were replaced with other :)

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