selling prices of brewed potions are too low

  • The selling prices of brewed potions dropped significantly after one of the recent updates.
    In my opinion, these prices are far too low and should be adjusted a little bit.

    I made a little Excel sheet to compare two values: the sum of all selling prices I get if I would sell all the ingredients needed to brew a certain potion separately. And the price I get for this potion (brewed as perfect version).

    Result of this comparison: for half of all potion types I would earn more gold by selling all the needed ingredients instead of a perfect version of this potion.

    Hmmm, that somehow feels quite wrong and definitely isn't motivating. I think you should ALWAYS be able to earn more gold by selling brewed potions than by simply selling all it's ingredients separatly. Because collecting, brewing and selling is way more entertaining (and realistic) than simply collecting & selling.

    For me it was fun to have a little "potion manufactory business", but that's over since the last adjustment of the selling prices.

    My suggestion: the selling price of a perfect potion should at least be half the price the good version of this potion has in the shop.

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    @schlesim I agree with everything being said here. The selling price is far too low.

  • administrators

    Thanks for feedback guys. We will probably raise it soon (not by very much but raise) :)

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    @maguss That's fine, but should at least be worth more than the ingredients.

  • Other possibility could be dropping ingredients price until brewing becomes viable.
    I agree on SchlesiM suggestion.

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