BUG [ANDROID] can't progress anywhere please someone help

    Device: p10-lite
    OS version: 7.1
    App version: latest(08/02/2018)

    [BUG INFO]
    Reported via in-game tool: Yes
    Random: No
    Repeatable: Yes
    Exploitable: No

    What should happen:
    have more fights or have the item in inventory anyway

    **What does actually happen: **
    dont have the item cause of the failed fights and dont appear anything more in the map and cant acess anything

    Does this prevent you for playing further:
    yes, game completly locks there

    Attached screenshot(optional):

  • administrators

    Yeah you should have gotten the EQ.piece anyway. It is a bug and will be fixed. Please send us your key via private msg on FB and we will reset it tmrw and you can start tutorial again

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