Current equipment system - yay or nay? Come talk with devs

  • I absolutely agree with all those things already said (so I shouldn't simply repeat them).

    Despite one additional thing: to be really able to check out, combine and test different equipment, it should be possible to place more of them in the inventory.

    It would be a great to be able to have more than only one equipment in a slot. Maybe up to 5 pieces of a certain type (ring, head, upper body, ...).

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    @rurik-vlein-nogard-b We want to include crafting system but it will need to wait a bit until we finish some other features :) Thanks for suggestions :)

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    @beldin Cool ideas. We definitely won't put legendary or even mint quality items into a regular shop. Also legendary items are pretty rare to drop even now. We have option to create multiple characters on 1 account in our suggestions list but it won't be implemented that soon - there are some features which have priority over it. Thanks for suggestions :)

  • Hello!

    So currently I haven't played yet, since I found out about the the game only recently. Still, I'll be playing on Saturday, for open beta.

    I realize that I don't have a good idea what equipment is like now. However, I still think that it would be really interesting to if you had equipment that would have both positives and negatives. This wouldn't replace normal equipment, but would rather be like "cursed equipment" or something like that. It would have the same general categories, maybe even having sets. In return for having a negative, it's positives are bigger. You could also have things that rely on luck, like something that could boost your defense by -2 to 6 depending on a random number calculated per attack.

    For example, let's say that you have the option of a normal item which would boost empower by 5, a cursed item which would boost empower by 8, but reduce defense by 4, or a different cursed item which could raise empower by 10, or by nothing at all, fifty-fifty chance. Note that I'm making all these numbers up, I have no idea if they're super low or high or whatever.

    Which do you choose? Well, it would depend on what the player thinks is best. Each has its advantage.

    Also I think that of you were going to have all three like in the previous example, they would all need different names. One would be say "Modern", another "Cursed", and another "Ancient". Of course they could be whatever, but you get the idea.

  • @ron-benvenuti WHOUUUUUU REALLY LOVE to see all that implemented in game !

  • Im late, many good suggestions here.

    Would like to add that maybe items attribute's "bonus value" should be "random".

    Blue amulet 1: + 1 concentration
    Blue amulet 2: + 1 evasion
    Blue amulet 3: + 2 concentration

    This adds more game play value since it gives players the need to consistently hunt for better loot. Dont tell players what the maximum value for the bonuses are.

    and as mentioned, anything higher tiered than blue and green should be very rare. e.g. defeating a world boss or dungeon boss which takes 5-10 men effort or, can be crafted but takes a lot of crafting artifacts/materials which are rare as hell.

    In short,
    Dont make it easy.

  • I think that there could be an equipment set for each tier, with each set buffing a different stat. That way you could have a high tier set of gear and have the bonus that you want.
    Equipment buffing more than one stat should be added, as rare finds. And only for the high grades. Like, Excellent has 2 stats it buffs. Mint has 3, and Legendary could buff 4 or more. With the more stats it buffs the rarer it would be. So a legendary tier X hat would be absurdly rare.
    I think the current system isn't boring, just simple.
    And if equipment would get stronger over time, either by completing a challenge or by performing a feat of some kind. Or just by it growing stronger by keeping it equipped, like it absorbs some magic from you... That would be amazing

  • Hello!

    Without reading any other commentary I give my opinion

    • Loot is not boring for me, it is challenging and rewarding once you get it but I am waiting for the crafting system to get in though, I like crafting my gear more than getting it from drop.
      1 - Maybe in higher tiers but not in the lower ones, I think the game must be difficult
      2 - Maybe one fixed attribute and 1 random one?
      3 - I think the system is good as it is and will improve if the crafting system is implemented on the future
      4 - I like the idea


  • I would like to see more Diablo style item system.You know,item tiers with random generated stats.It would make community more likely to trade(when trading option will be included to the game).

  • This post is deleted!

  • I think random stat is not a good idea. It's already very difficult to find a piece of stuff. If you have the wrong random number, it will be very dissapointing.

  • @maguss I truly disagree with the sub-stat system. Like Debuff cure, or Invocation Empower. Those sub-stat seem useless. Because I'm not going to basing my toon on any of the sub-stats. IMO, Debuff cure should be straight defense, and Invocation empower should be straight empower.

    And I believe that it would be cooler if each piece of gear could have an Armor rating.

    But, some of the stuff that I suggest is said by me because I'm kind of trying to turn this game into the game of my dreams.

    I know that our hardware is holding us back. But I wrote this passage years ago :

  • About the questions:

    • list item 1- Would really be good to have more options on each tier, maybe 1 more set per tier or just more options on the same set.

    • list item 2- This is good, but more if we have more options of equipments per tier.

    • list item 3- Its too hard to get equipments.
      If you want the bonus from a lower tier set you need to use weak equipments, so maybe when we have a craft system it would be good to have any way to improve equipment pieces (improving tiers without changing the set or the quality).
      Legendary itens should give anything better than a increased attribute, like more hp regen when walking, itens/gold find, any xp boost.

    • list item 4- That is an interesting feature, but would be better on sets or books/amulets since they don't give only attributes.

    About @Ron Benvenuti reply:

    1. He is right, poor equipment should be almost garbage, only used to complete the set or sold for some extra gold, so it should be really cheap to sell and easy to find. Good equipment should be common equipment for players, not take days to find a good set.

    2. Not so sure about that, legendary equipment should be pretty strong and since it's not available when you get to the tier farming lower level monsters to get legendary aquipment will happen anyway. But I think that find chancefor legendary equipente should not be higher at lower lvls, so a lvl 50 player wouldn't be farming lower tier monsters to get legendary itens.

    3. Nah, set bonus with 3 and 4 pieces are good so you cant use 2 sets at the same time, but you can use a really strong legendary equipment piece without losing all the set bonus.

    4. More attributes with higher quality is a very good idea, but i think that those special attibutes idea fits better the idea of set attributes. Something not all powerfull but that gives you a headstart or a very big utility advantage. Could be good add a Mint/Legendary set attribute in case you have a high quality set.

  • If you added the ring slot to the set system you could add another higher set bonus.

    Then if you also had the Spell book and Pendent of the same level for a full set of 7 then all of the bonus for each item in the set by 100% for tier 1-3, 90% for 4-6, 80% for 7-9 and 70% for tier 10.

    More Rings that do different things maybe 5 different rings of each tier.

    possibly and another equipment slot for a miscellaneous item that are not covered by the normal slots ie bags/chest (increase inventory slots while equipped), cloaks, mirrors, candles, challises, Ion stones (DnD players can relate lol) the list goes on...

  • I don't have any fancy gear, but I assume they're just small stat differences.
    Set bonuses are bad, integrate those values into the pieces instead.
    More varied bonuses and pretty big bonuses would be ideal. This includes things like:
    "adds 5% damage/effect/heal of X spell" or "adds 2.5% damage/effect/heal of X category of spell",
    "Increases time available to cast by 1 second" or "Decreases your opponents time to cast by 1 second (maximum 3 seocnds)",
    "Reflects 2% of damage taken to opponent", "Converts 2% of damage dealt to HP", "adds a shield of X, refreshes every turn",
    "Chance to apply a DoT upon damage dealt" or "Chance to apply a DoT upon damage recieved" or "Chance to apply a HoT upon damage dealt" or "Chance to apply a HoT upon damage recieved",
    "Increases amount of heat by 1 (with a max value)" or "x% chance to drain heat from opponent upon dealing damage" or "x% chance to ignore/reduce heat cost upon spell cast"
    "Ignores x/x% of armor stats of opponent" or "Increases your armor stats by x%" or "Increases your offensive equipment stats by x%"
    Accompanied with regular stat bonuses.
    All of these effects stacks, so the values need to be fairly small, or have max limits.

    I think each piece of gear should have multiple lines of stats, it's more fun if your gear has an impact on your build.

  • Higher tier legendary equipment have large bonus, but with low chance to get.

  • @maguss I hope I'm not asking too much. But I believe that we should be able to group items in the inventory. Like, on the inventory page, we should be able to swipe left to get to the gear part of the inventory.

  • @stevenrice I so agree with you! It would be nice to have our equipment organized.

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