Current equipment system - yay or nay? Come talk with devs

  • If you added the ring slot to the set system you could add another higher set bonus.

    Then if you also had the Spell book and Pendent of the same level for a full set of 7 then all of the bonus for each item in the set by 100% for tier 1-3, 90% for 4-6, 80% for 7-9 and 70% for tier 10.

    More Rings that do different things maybe 5 different rings of each tier.

    possibly and another equipment slot for a miscellaneous item that are not covered by the normal slots ie bags/chest (increase inventory slots while equipped), cloaks, mirrors, candles, challises, Ion stones (DnD players can relate lol) the list goes on...

  • I don't have any fancy gear, but I assume they're just small stat differences.
    Set bonuses are bad, integrate those values into the pieces instead.
    More varied bonuses and pretty big bonuses would be ideal. This includes things like:
    "adds 5% damage/effect/heal of X spell" or "adds 2.5% damage/effect/heal of X category of spell",
    "Increases time available to cast by 1 second" or "Decreases your opponents time to cast by 1 second (maximum 3 seocnds)",
    "Reflects 2% of damage taken to opponent", "Converts 2% of damage dealt to HP", "adds a shield of X, refreshes every turn",
    "Chance to apply a DoT upon damage dealt" or "Chance to apply a DoT upon damage recieved" or "Chance to apply a HoT upon damage dealt" or "Chance to apply a HoT upon damage recieved",
    "Increases amount of heat by 1 (with a max value)" or "x% chance to drain heat from opponent upon dealing damage" or "x% chance to ignore/reduce heat cost upon spell cast"
    "Ignores x/x% of armor stats of opponent" or "Increases your armor stats by x%" or "Increases your offensive equipment stats by x%"
    Accompanied with regular stat bonuses.
    All of these effects stacks, so the values need to be fairly small, or have max limits.

    I think each piece of gear should have multiple lines of stats, it's more fun if your gear has an impact on your build.

  • Higher tier legendary equipment have large bonus, but with low chance to get.

  • @maguss I hope I'm not asking too much. But I believe that we should be able to group items in the inventory. Like, on the inventory page, we should be able to swipe left to get to the gear part of the inventory.

  • @stevenrice I so agree with you! It would be nice to have our equipment organized.

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