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    So, the old thread that contained the information for the unofficial Maguss Discord is no longer available, and I neglected to make a new one after the forum reset, largely because there's a link to the server in the Community Links thread; let me rectify that, as I can also use the thread to post updates about the server.

    Currently, the server is large enough that offline members no longer show up in the member list. This is something that needs to be kept in mind for mobile users, as often a mobile user will end up moving into the offline status whenever the application moves into the background services of the phone. Any time the app is not active, unless the user has actively set their status, it often just moves them into being offline. So there will be many people who are largely active, but not showing up in the list.

    We have the four Order shields as emoji, a Maguss wand facing left and right for an emoji, the Maguss M sigil as an emoji, as well as a different crystal ball as an emoji for the server. If there's a specific Maguss related asset you'd like to see as an emoji, we can consider adding it - the server can have up to 50 unique emoji.

    There are several text-based chat channels and voice channels, separated by categories.

    In the Important Itinerary category, there's the Announcements, Basic Rules and Guides, Twitter Feed (not active ATM, the bot crashed), and Videos channels.

    In the General category, there's the General, Game Research, and General Voice channel.

    In the Order Chats, we have a text chat and voice chat for each one of the Orders.

    So far, we have one Speciality Chat. Speciality chats are channels that have been requested by members for custom groups, such as crafting alliances, role play groups, etc.

    Of course, there's also an Administration section, however only the administrators have access to that - and at the moment, I'm the only one using it, as there's just a channel for API and bot command testing.

    We have permanent links to the server, however sometimes updates to the programme cause a bit of a kerfulffle with them. If anyone notices that the links here or in the Community Links thread aren't working, please DM me!

    With that, I'll close out this post. Whenever something big happens with the server, there will be updates to this thread.

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    Yeah come and join us for sure. It's fun chatting

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