Monsters seemingly "scared" of player's interaction circle

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    Hey guys, it seems monsters, when not using any lure potions, simply bounce off of your interaction circle. This has been reported several times. Does it also happen to you ? That they are on the edge and then bounce off ? If so, can you please make a video (Youtube is perfect) ? We will look into it

  • This has always happened to me, ever since the first time I started playing. It seems to be extremely rare that they stay in the circle for more than a few seconds.

    Also, it seems that wherever I start the game, interaction circle is always completely empty; there's never anything inside it. Or maybe with extreme luck, an ingredient or two. Yet another thing that annoys me is that it doesn't seem to matter where I start the game, there's always a chest almost exactly 260-270 meters north(-ish) from my location. This should probably be much more random.

    A few times when I tried to "cheat the system", I was able to get more monsters into the circle. This was whan I stopped on a bus stop, started the game, and kept the phone display on while driving the remaining 300 meters to the cafe I tend to visit often. While having that cup of coffee, I at least felt that I had much more monsters within the circle or walking into it.

    (To be honest, I'm not sure if it was just the initial group of monsters that were spawned near the cafe, or if they actually wandered into it. Anyway, those have been the only few times I have been able to play without running around like a lunatic. :P)

    Ps. What's the respawn timer btw? My game sessions have been quite short due to upcoming wipe, but I could try forcing my phone to stay on and see if any respawns are brave enough to approach...

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