Suggestion: Trading Baazar Tokens for Magic Dust should give more if you patiently wait

  • I see that Bazaars sells different quantities of Magic Dusts, but the ratio between Bazaar Tokens and Magic Dusts is always 7:1
    (35 tokens for 5 dust, 70 tokens for 10 dust, 140 tokens for 20 dust, 350 tokens for 50 dust)
    Since Bazaar randomly changes every day what it sells, and since stacking up bazaar tokens requires time, currently there is no reason to stack up bazaar tokens, and as a player (if i want dusts) i should by dust every time i can with the 35:5 ratio.
    There's no point on waiting to buy more.

    Suggestion: reward with more dust the higher sellings, so that waiting has a purpose, for example: 70 tokens for 11 dust (10%), 140 tokens 23 dust (15%), 350 tokens for 60 dust (20%)

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