Here is the rewards we're actually getting for being backers!

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    So as you all know there was a lot of different things you could gain by supporting the Indiegogo when it first was out. A lot of things has happened since then which has ended in that we get some different things than we first anticipated. I am making this list after talking with a developer and searched multiple places for reliable information from the devs. So here we go.


    • The "Design Summon" reward has been changed into "Design Boss" since the previous thing didn't fit with their design decision. This is the reason behind most of the changes.

    • The "Design Creature" is changed into "Physical Art Book" We have seen a few pages of the upcoming art book and it looks awesome. Aleksey has never let us down in the art department, we all know the art is one of the games strongest assets.

    • The "Design Spell" has been replaced with "Unique Illusion For Backers" This is kind of the reward I'm the least excited about, but it's pretty all right. It's not as cool as a spell, but when thinking about the unexpected things the developers have gone through I think it's a decent reward in the end.

    • The "Ring Of The Ancients" will be replaced with the "Demon Monster Pack" That is already available to buy for Magic Dust in the shop today. This sounds fine. The ring wasn't going to be very special anyway and was even designed to be temporary. So I like this change.

    • The "Amulet Of The Ancients" is in the same way replaced with the "Avian Monster Pack"

    • The "Starter Ingredients" will come in the form of "Hobbyist Pack"

    • The "Wand And Storage Case" is as we all know replaced with "Magic Dust, More Precisely 405MD"

    • The "Shipping And Stickers" has been replaced with the "PDF version Of The Art Book"

    • The "Title" has been replaced with "Badge Next To Your Name"


    Now I do not want to make any of you guys mad for not getting the rewards you thought you would get, this is just how things are right now. In my honest opinion, we still get a lot of cool rewards. Just because these things have changed doesn't mean that the game company is a scam, like many on their Facebook page keep saying. The developers are friendly, talkative and they are making a great game for us all. We still get the code for our magic dust and we still get to be in the backer credits, when that's implemented.
    Let's help the new players figure out the game and by doing that we'll also help the Developers with not having to respond to thousands of people. But do let me know what you think of the new rewards. It's always great to have a discussion.

  • I'm cool with this..
    I did not enter beta to get a bunch of rewards. I wanted to test the game and see it succed.

    I have not even looked at the tester rewards. :)

  • @jhamm
    What about the Premium VIP status?

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    @ron-benvenuti Supposedly still going to be implemented. The button is still there in the shop, it just does nothing. The VIP status was to make the wand work in the game, which is no longer possible. But the developers were also talking about making it give small bonuses. I don't know much about this other than that it's probably still planned to be implemented.

  • @Jhamm I agree with you, the new rewards are just as good or better.
    Also, I think we should remind those people on FB that It is still a kickstarter project ! It's risky by definition.
    The fact that the game is actually coming out is already a reward in itself.

  • It's already some kind of reward to be able to "be present at birth". Hope this game's going to get really successful!

  • so... I am not sure what are these packs for, I used them, released the pack, and is there anything suppose to happen?

  • @henric-melin said in Here is the rewards we're actually getting for being backers!:

    I'm cool with this..
    I did not enter beta to get a bunch of rewards. I wanted to test the game and see it succed.

    I have not even looked at the tester rewards. :)

    Yeahhhh, me also. Of course, I will thank all the bonuses but most important is the game succeed.

  • @shigeru-go you should see tier V+ different monsters (so you have to be at least lev20 to see the first ones

  • @jhamm did you get your code to redeem those !? I have not but it might be on the way...

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    @ponpondv I got a code in an email, yes

  • @jhamm I didn't receive any code to redeem that >..<
    What's the title of the email?

  • @yami title of email is
    Maguss Redeem code - Backer perks

    i received it yesterday at 14:14 CET

  • @ron-benvenuti said in Here is the rewards we're actually getting for being backers!:

    Maguss Redeem code - Backer perks

    Ok, I didn't receive yet u.u
    Will have to be patient and wait...

  • I'm good with all of it... and I'll continue to support such a well versed game, that is about gaming. Not talking crap in coms to each other. Plus I'd rather see people playing Maguss then the soon to be Niandic harry pooper game!! JMO

  • Can anyone tell me, if it's still possible, to become backer? Or in clear words to get the Neophyte Founders Pack?

  • @dfuchs87 i don't think so, but would be interesting if @Maguss decided to have a patreon account so there can be new supporters :) (just throwing here the idea)

  • @ron-benvenuti that would be nice indeed. Both for the developers and the gamer

  • are there different levels of neophyte founder? saw someone in duel with different badge to me

  • @ben-serajian-esfahan yes, depends on what you purchased

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