What determines the casting speed?

  • Can anyone please tell me what determines the casting speed of the spells that were drawn? As soon as we get done drawing Glyphs, we see the spells qued, on the 5 circles with spells in them. What determines who casts first? And how fast the other spells cast.
    When I say "the speed of the casts" I mean the speed of the circles popping. Like, what exactly determines whether my 3rd circle will cast, rather than the opponent's 3rd circle?

  • iirc, whoever initiates battle casts 2nd. (this is now changable by spells)

    Once in battle, spells are cast in turns, even the 5 spell circles.

    Turn 1
    Person A uses 1st circle *
    Person B uses 1st circle
    Person A uses 2nd circle
    Person B uses 2nd circle
    Person A uses 3rd circle **
    Person B uses 3rd circle

    Person B uses 5th circle
    Turn 2
    Person A uses 1st circle
    You win/lose!

    And so on and so forth.

    "Spell speed" depends on the number of circles it takes up.

    E.g. a spell with 1 circle requirement gets cast immediately - at stage * above
    whereas a spell with 3 circles requirmeent gets cast only at stage ** above

  • @tc4237 Thanks for trying. I'm asking because I started using the Mirrored Destiny spell. It takes 3 circles. How can I be certain that it will cast before other 3 circle spells?

  • @stevenrice
    Play a Rogue and cast Insight?

  • I have seen this and asking the same. I see that the monsters start first and others I do, but the rounds pass and nomatter what happens one round player 1st and in the other the monster go 1st obiously Im a paladin no insight spell tested but goes that way one round and one round with the monsters.

  • seems random to me, not sure if some stats might change it

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