Classes & Spells - brief overview - Not sure what to pick? This could help!

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    Your class determines:

    1. Your starting attributes
    2. Your attribute perks
    3. Your unique spells

    Class attributes


    • Highest Empower and Critical Empower
    • Lowest Defense and low Max HP


    • Highest Concentration and Critical Chance
    • Low Empower


    • Highest Defense, Evasion and Max HP
    • Lowest Empower, Critical Empower and Concentration


    • Average in all attributes
    • No specific strengths

    Base Attributes

    alt text

    Class Perks

    Raising your levels rewards you with class-unique attribute perks. These perks are designed to continue boosting each class’ particular area of specialty. Paladin gets mostly Empower boosts, Warden Defense boosts, Rogue Evasion & Concentration, and Druid gets boosts in everything. Each time you level up, you raise 1 attribute of your choice. Additionally, every 5 levels, you get a boost in a predetermined attribute depending on the class you chose. The table below summarizes these bonuses.

    alt text

    Class Spells


    Tier 2: Beast's Bane
    Tier 4: Magic Missile
    Tier 6: Dark Force
    Tier 8: Astral Force
    Tier 10: Demon Sting


    Tier 2: Steal
    Tier 4: Spirit Daggers
    Tier 6: Reveal
    Tier 8: Alter Reality
    Tier 10: Insight


    Tier 2: Absorb
    Tier 4: Spirit Sense
    Tier 6: Fire Trap
    Tier 8: Dominate
    Tier 10: Prismatic Burst


    Tier 2: Safe Space
    Tier 4: Chaos
    Tier 6: Chant
    Tier 8: Silence
    Tier 10: Grace

    These spells are detailed in the next section, along with neutral spells, accessible to all classes.


    Spells are divided into four categories: Sorcery, Charms, Invocation and Dark Arts

    Spell Attributes


    This is a measure of the spell’s complexity. Each spell consumes a number of slots when used in a duel. Remember that you only have five slots in each cycle, so choose your spells wisely.


    Indicates how long your enemy has to suffer or how long you can profit from the spell’s effect (starts counting from next cycle after one in which spell was resolved).


    All spells create Heat, which is the strain on a wizard’s stamina. The more powerful a spell, the more Heat it generates when used. Beware: if a spell causes you to overheat, you can’t cast it until you cool down again. If you generate too much Heat at a crucial phase in combat, you’ll be helpless against your opponent’s attack.

    Sorcery spells


    This spell's power is multiplied by the number of unused spell slots you and your opponent have this cycle. If there are no empty slots, Trick does no damage.

    Magic Arrow

    Sends a bolt of pure energy sizzling towards your foe.

    Beast's Bane ★ PALADINS ONLY ★

    This spell deals additional damage to magical creatures.

    Spirit Sting

    This spell gets more powerful the more times it is cast during a cycle.

    Witch Burn

    This spell does more damage the higher the enemy spellcaster’s Dark Arts skill. Works on mages only, not magical creatures!

    Energetic Strike

    Massive damage direct hit, but causes high heat.

    Spirit Daggers ★ ROGUES ONLY ★

    Instantly damages your opponent and does more damage for each Sorcery spell they cast during the cycle.


    Inflicts a massive wound on your foe, dealing damage over time. The more times you cast this spell on your foe, the more damage it deals. Maximum of 5 casts.

    Soul Burn

    The higher your foe’s Sorcery skill, the more damage it deals. Works on mages only, not magical creatures!


    This spell does tremendous damage to your foe, but backfires and attacks you as well.

    Triple Slash

    You must successfully cast it three times in a cycle to unleash its high damage.

    Dark Force ★ PALADINS ONLY ★

    This spell never misses, no matter the target’s Evasion or the caster’s Concentration.


    Deals damage at the start of the second cycle.

    Heat Up

    Prevents your opponent from cooling down, but also raises their Empower. Note that the effect does not stack with further casts.

    Sting Shower

    This spell deals damage equal to 30% of the life your enemy has already lost. Know that this spell is not affected by Empower or Defense.

    Silence ★ DRUIDS ONLY ★

    Damages the opponent at the end of the next cycle. Its power is multiplied by the number of slots your opponent uses during that cycle.

    Crushing Void

    Deals instant damage and then further hurts the opponent for 2 more cycles.

    Brilliant Burst

    Deals a large amount of instant damage to your foe.

    Demon Sting ★ PALADINS ONLY ★

    The more times it is cast within a duel, the more powerful it is.

    Solar Spear

    The pinnacle of Sorcery combat, hurls bolts of energy from the Sun itself against your enemy for tremendous damage.


    Heal Light Wounds

    Healing spell for minor injuries.

    Poison Cure

    All inflictions affecting you are reduced by one cycle.

    Safe Space ★ DRUIDS ONLY ★

    Renders you immune to new inflictions. It won’t remove the ones already in effect.

    Pine Needles

    Raises your Empower by 30%. It fails if you have any active Empower buffs from spells.

    Cool Off

    Lowers Heat instantly.


    For a short time, you see the first spell your opponent casts during the cycle.

    Spirit Sense ★ WARDENS ONLY ★

    The power of this healing spell is multiplied by the number of spells your opponent cast during the same cycle.

    Heal Serious Wounds

    Healing spell for heavy injuries.

    Cool Breeze

    Cools off 2 additional Heat points per cycle.

    True Sight

    Doubles your Concentration attribute. True Sight fails if you have any other Concentration buffs from spells active.

    Chant ★ DRUIDS ONLY ★

    Gives your spells a 1 in 3 chance of being resolved twice. If Chant causes a spell to be cast again, you do not get Heat from that second cast. ​It does not affect spells cast before it during the cycle​.

    Sense Danger

    More than doubles your Defense. Note that if you already have any Defense buffs from spells, Sense Danger will fail.

    Extract Lifeforce

    Lowers opponent's max hit points for this battle.


    Doubles your Critical Chance and Critical Empower.

    Astral Force ★ PALADINS ONLY ★

    Doubles your Empower. Can only be used when you drop to a quarter of your maximum health.


    After all spell slots by both combatants have been resolved, this spell will mimic all spells your opponent cast during the cycle, in the same order. Heat is not paid for copied spells.

    Power Slave

    Damages you for a quarter of your total health then raises your Heat limit by 10.


    Heals you for a large amount.

    Grace ★ DRUIDS ONLY ★

    For the duration, reduces the Heat cost of your spells by 1.


    Turns 20% of the damage you deal on your opponent to heal you. Stacks with other healing effects as well.


    Magic Shield

    Raises your Defense by 20% ​for a short time​ till the end of the next cycle. Will fail if another Defense buff from spells is already in effect.

    Ultimate Evasion

    Doubles your Evasion. Does not stack and fails if you have any other Evasion buffs from spells in effect.


    You ignore all debuff effects this cycle.

    Absorb ★ WARDENS ONLY ★

    Shields you from 50 points of damage for this turn.

    Mirror Curse

    Replicates a random debuff affecting you onto your foe.


    Reduces the damage you take from inflictions by 70%.

    Chaos ★ DRUIDS ONLY ★

    Removes all the bonuses granted by opponent's equipment.

    Mirrored Destiny

    Reflects the damage from your opponent's next spell back at them. Also reflects infliction spells.


    Triples your Evasion.


    Blocks one of your opponent's spell slots.


    Removes a random single debuff currently affecting you.

    Fire Trap ★ WARDENS ONLY ★

    For 3 cycles, every 10 points of damage you take raises your Empower by 1%.


    All your healing spells are now 50% more effective.


    All or nothing. For the next cycle, your Heat drops to 0 and you are immune to all damage and debuffs. But at the end of that cycle, your health drops to 0.


    Heals you a moderate amount over multiple cycles.

    Alter Reality ★ ROGUES ONLY ★

    Reduces your foe’s base Concentration to 0, then adds that score to your Evasion.

    Living Shadow

    Buffs all your attributes by 25%. Fails if you have any other stat buffs from spells in effect.

    Medusa Gaze

    Reduces your opponent's Evasion to 0.


    Removes all debuffs currently on you and renders you immune to new debuffs until the end of the cycle.

    Prismatic Burst ★ WARDENS ONLY ★

    You deal damage to your opponent with power equal to the amount of damage you had already taken this cycle, including that dealt by inflictions.

    Dark Arts

    Essence Leech

    An infliction on your opponent that damages them and heals you over several cycles.

    Poison Cloud

    Poisons your enemy for three cycles.

    Steal ★ ROGUES ONLY ★

    This buff will steal and then cast your opponent's next spell, as if it were your own.

    Creeping Death

    An infliction that damages your opponent and grows in power with each cycle.

    Drain HP

    Drains enemy’s life and heals you.


    Reduces effectiveness of opponent's healing spells by half.


    Prevents your foe from scoring any critical hits against you for its duration.

    Magic Missile ★ PALADINS ONLY ★

    Reduces your opponent’s casting time from 10 to 6 seconds.

    Astral Body

    Reduces your opponent’s Defense by 50%.

    Giant's Strength

    Raises your Empower by 50%.


    Removes all your Heat but also damages you for 20% of your maximum health.

    Reveal ★ ROGUES ONLY ★

    Allows you to see all of your opponent's spells as they are cast.


    Enemy Empower drops by 30%.

    Open Wounds

    Doubles the power of an existing Bleed spell effect.


    All your opponent’s spells cost 1 additional Heat point.

    Dominate ★ WARDENS ONLY ★

    Every 15 points of damage you deal adds 1% to your Defense.

    Dance Of The Dead

    Both yours and your opponent Heat points are added together and distributed evenly between you.

    Violent Poisons

    Increases the power of all your infliction spells by 50%.

    Fairy Fire

    For its duration, enemy cannot regain health through healing or drain spells.

    Insight ★ ROGUES ONLY ★

    Your spells begin resolving always first for five cycles.

    Yeah, brief... :D

    This thread is supposed to give you rough idea about game mechanics and different playstyles it offers.

    All of this info and much more, spiced with flavor text and pretty pictures, will be included in the game Artbook.

    For precise numerical values and detailed spell tooltips, we will be building game wiki, in partnership with Curse Gamepedia.

    !!! Note that values and even mechanics themselves can be changed during balancing process. Some spells might be added, some even removed or completely reworked !!!

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