Just hear about this game what packs are open to buy?

  • Was looking at the page, which packs can I currently buy, and how does one acquire wand/game gear is it physically sent to a person or at a local game-stop?

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    you can purchase through the main Web page at Maguss.org or through the IGG page at IGG Page. However open beta does start tomorrow the 17th. As for the Wand, that is no longer available. The cost and continued development became too much and it was decided not to pursue the BT Wand at this time

  • But dont worry maybe sometime will be wands for everyone, I want mine red with fire design, and if we help to get this game to be known we can say maybe will be a MAGUS STAFF, more efective in pvp u can hit ur enemy with the staff XD

  • @rurik-vlein-nogard-b and getting arrested :D

  • @ron-benvenuti

    Ah awesome well hopefully they include an in-game item shop with the wand and other AR gear later so players can just buy it with Real Money, or packages and stuff, but not pay 2 win stuff, and cosmetic items for characters people would buy aka more revenue for development.

    I do wonder how many people will get arrested though for trespassing or stand in the middle of a road to cast a spell, perhaps a spell of invulnerability and run down the middle of a road?

    ^ Perhaps this game needs some legal disclaimers before launch and warnings for kids aka Pokemon Go.

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