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  • Hello again.

    I would like to mention, again, that I have not played the game, only looked things up on the internet.

    It seems to me that there is a fair number of people who see Brewing as useful, but boring. Admittedly, I haven't found about Brewing within the last few updates. But in any case, I think that there is a way to make Brewing a lot more interesting, engaging and useful.

    Basically, recipes would mostly be player generated and/or modified. Each ingredient would have a slightly more detailed description than it does now. For example, say a new player discovers rosewater and ginger. They would read the descriptions and see that ginger is a "common healing remedy" and rosewater's description would be edited to include something like "has a refreshing aroma" or something like that. Then, the player would say hey, these both have positive effects, lets toss them into a cauldron. They could then select the ratio between the ingredients. They say, oh lets try one of each. They get a healing potion out of it, and a recipe is generated. This healing potion heals say 80 HP. They get more ingredients and think, maybe it would be better if there was more ginger in it. So, they say two ginger, and one rosewater. This potion comes out and it heals 120 HP. They make a third one, this time with three ginger and one rosewater, and it only heals for 30 HP. This goes on. Of course with two ingredients, there really isn't that much experimentation that needs to be done, but with more ingredients there would be much more you need to do. As well, if the ration is too far from the most correct recipe, it would fail. For example, four ginger and one rosewater would fail entirely, and no potion would be made. Similarly, since there currently is no potion made with sandalwood and rosewater, (that I know of), it wouldn't be able to form a potion. This also encourages more strategy, since it might be worth it to use less ginger and make the one to one health potion.

    Very rarely it would be possible to discover recipes, which have the perfect ratio, but most of them would be more common, easy recipes. Also more complex recipes would needed to be added (potentially with more ingredients), otherwise it would just take a google search to find the best recipes. They may not all have positive effects either, or may include a tradeoff with a good and a bad effect.

    This is about as much as I think could reasonably be implemented within like a year or so (considering everything else being developed). However, I think that this could be even further expanded if you had to prepare ingredients. For this, you would see an image of a full ginger plant (or whatever) and you would have to select which parts to cut out before putting it in. There would be several variations on each plant. Some would be "higher quality" and so easier to get good, useful ingredients out of it, and other would be harder to get good ingredients out of it. With this system, if you prepared it well you could get a better result, and if you prepared it badly it might succeed with some problems (like an additional negative effect, or a reduced effect), or it might fail altogether.

    As a side note, I think that it would be great if there were more side occupations, particularly ones that require quite a bit of effort to get into, such as enchanting, or creating equipment/accessories.

    I do realize that probably none of this will be implemented anytime soon, I'm just hoping for it (and hoping they add it to a list to be done later).

    For those of you who have brewed fairly extensively, what are your thoughts? Do you think that this would be interesting or should something else be done?

  • @aezora

    As a master Alchemist, I'm not a fan of the brewing term as I'm not making beer, the recipes are unlocked as you gain in rank.

    The ingredients are consistent in that Ginger and Rosewater are also used for more powerful Healing potions and require other, more rare, ingredients to complete the recipe unless you use magic beans as a substitute.

  • I agree at Alchemy sounds much better. I would've said Alchemy, except the wiki said it was brewing so...

    I do understand how the recipes are done now. I'm just saying that it's not really that interesting, much more of just being a means to an end than something you would actually be interested in doing.

    My suggestion is a way I think would fix that.

    I've also researched it enough to know that rose water and ginger are used for all healing recipes.I am not necessarily suggesting that we change the recipes entirely, only add in quantities, have new recipes, and remove the actual recipes that players are given, instead making it so the player has to discover it for him or herself.

  • It's a nice idea. That would remove usefulness of beans and recipes, wonder how the devs would take to it though.

  • @aezora As a Maguss player and a chemistry student, I love this so much :D

  • Global Moderator

    I have passed this on to the Devs. This is something that was discussed at length, making a brewing/alchemy "language" as it were, similar to Witcher or others, where certain ingredients did certain things i.e.:

    • ginger =healing Herb
    • rosewater = potion base
    • Iron wood = more potency
    • ginger + Rosewater = Healing potion
    • Ginger + rosewater + ironwood = greater healing potion

    They liked the idea, but were sure if they could implement it within the current core components, but I have passed it on to them again.

  • Well I have to disagree here, lets think that maguss think in introduce cooking sistem of diferent foods or beers or whatever, If we called alchemy that will no fall into that category and have to introduce new sistem, if they let it as brewing u can make any of that new stuff and dont have to train again from 0. I like the suggestions but we must leave some time to see what improvements come to the game. By the other hand thats a wonderful Idea. Hehehehehe.

  • just some potion ideas:
    Homunculus Potion: create an homunculus tat can help the mage (in some way).
    Rain Potion: make it rain. more plants grow all around.
    Philosophical Potion: make gold from other material.

  • One improvement that I would love to see is automatic picking of potions. Currently you get a message saying you have finished a potion. You have to go to brewing, and select the potion to add it to your inventory. 2 useless clicks per potion. Since you already show the message, you might as well directly pick the potions and save the users 2 clicks.

  • The brewing mini game is boring. It's easy and you have to do it a lot. I have recently started playing the game and I can't stand it anymore. I only go through it because I want my potions to be perfect. I would love if there was an auto option, that would give the quality of the potion based on your brewing level. For example, for a tier 1 potion you would divide your brewing level by 10 (level where you unlock tier 3) and multiply it by a factor of 0.7. Then you would pick a random number smaller than 1 and multiply it by 0.3 and add it to the previous value. If the result was under .25 it would be a poor potion. Under .75 a good. Above it would be perfect. For a potion tier 3 you would divide by 20 (tier 5). This would guarantee that when your brewing level is higher than the tier you are making you would almost always get a perfect potion. The factors 0.7 and 0.3 where chosen by me, you would have to tune them to see what would work. Similarly, the threshold 0.25 and 0.75 are also arbitrary and would have to be fine tunned

  • @tiagojdferreira It can be more exciting if it was harder, I think. (I am able to brew tier III potions now, it's easy. But I thought higher tier potions will get harder to brew...)

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