• Alright, I forgot how much I love beta testing. To begin with. Not bad. I am going to likely just update this as I play.

    1. No way to back out during tutorial but you can access other buy options or craft options. For example tutorial tells you to go buy the heal spell but you open a different spell on accident. Now your only options are to buy that spell or exit the game.

    2. Next during the first equipment part of the tutorial I see no items in my actual inventory however I do see something at the bottom. I can't link my pic right now but it looks like a potion and has BAHASASASAS or something like that as title and a different language [looks like Latin] as a description. [Update: currently this also is a point where a player cannot proceed through tutorial due to issue]

    3. When fighting in tutorial the tag at the top will say defeated even though you won. Then will proceed as if you won. So a minor bug here.

  • @illuman

    If fact it looks like I am stuck here. So when I get in the game there is a tutorial bubble around the inventory icon. I click and go in all inventory slots are empty I can't change out of inventory at the top and my only options are unequip or sell both of which do nothing. And that BBASASASASA item looks like it's there but if I click an empty inventory slot it goes away at the bottom and I'm stuck at the inventory screen with no way out and have to exit the game

  • This post is deleted!

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