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  • I've been a tester for... since testing opened... and now my username is not found. The email I used isn't found and my passwords don't work. Was there a full user wipe? If so why didn't I know it was coming? If not how can I recover my account? Please help!!

  • I'm concerned as I have worked my way up to lvl 31 and maxed out my herblore, sorcery and brewing skills... that was a lot of work and I don't want to lose it unexpectedly.

  • All your account have been restarted they announced this some months ago.
    You have to register again.

  • It was indeed announced very early on that there will be a complete wipe at the time of Open Beta release. So you can't really say it was unexpected... you just haven't been paying attention.

    My attitude towards any alpha or beta versions is that you can lose everything at any moment due to critical bugs or situations that can only be solved by a wipe or rollback. Even now, as "open beta" still has the word "beta" in it, I probably wouldn't be surprised, and definitely not disappointed, if I were to lose some or all progress. It's in the nature of betas that this can happen.

  • @beldin Well, I can actually say I was surprised. In fact I can even have been surprised. That may be because I was not paying attention, or because it's been so long that I forgot and was lulled into a false sense of security by the many many updates that didn't have a character wipe. I understand why a wipe would be necessary, it usually is. I'm not even upset that it happened. I just wish that there had been a reminder given how long ago the plan was laid out and how much has changed. I think that mentioning the wipe in the open beta update for backers would also have been a good idea as I wasn't sure whether there was a problem with my account and spend a frustrated hour trying to log in with my former account.

  • @chris-barney
    "You haven't been paying attention" part of my previous reply to you was meant to be somewhat sarcastic, because it has been nearly impossible in many aspects. Also, saying that it was "announced" wasn't perhaps the best world. I think it was more of a random reply in a random thread saying that there will be a wipe. Announcements forum section is pretty much empty anyway.

    To be perfectly honest, Maguss crew had been very ineffective in sharing any information in an easily accessible way. Due to this simple fact, I wrote a long post yesterday about how they could improve in this regard. Feel free to add ideas there. They clearly need it.

    You might want to chip in here with your thoughts about how little you knew about what was going to happen. Yes, I'm clearly advertising my own thread here, but that's for a good reason. We really need the developers to think about how they keep their paying customers up-to-date... http://forum.maguss.org/topic/639/forum-usage-tips-for-the-developers

  • @Beldin Thank you for the reply. Sorry if I sounded a bit short above. That's what I get for posting before I have my coffee in the morning. I'll check out your post. I've had quite a bit of contact with the devs over the course of development filing dozens of bug and feedback reports and getting a good number of responses by the devs to posts I made. Mostly I think their hearts are in the right place, but yah, better more regular communication is going to be more and more important for them.

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