Tutorial will not proceed

  • I started playing with through the tutorial. The had to fight the first of two enemies that appeared. With one attack, my HP dropped to 1 and no damage could be dealt from either side after that. I restarted the app. The game said that I lost the battle, but continued as if I won. I got a healing spell through the tutorial, and had to fight the second enemy. The healing spell vanished from my equipped spells. After the second fight, the tutorial continued as if I just finished the first fight and tried to give me a healing spell. Now I have to battle again, but none of the tutorial enemies are there anymore and no other enemies will spawn. I can't select anything in the game except for the settings window.

  • This one is very similar to my experience. I defeated both monsters multiple times now no monsters left. My last fight I had no spells. Couldn't cast any at least, had to forfeit match got tutorial equipment item and can't see it am now bugged out and basically stuvk

  • Same for me
    Buged out

  • @axlfoley need help cant play

  • Please reset my Account
    Name: axlfoley

  • Same thing. After getting the latest update I got a message to fight the second monster, but there were no monsters to fight.

  • I can only choose inventory
    But in there i have nothing to sell and tutorial doesnt Go on
    Game freeze

    Please reset me
    Name: axlfoley

  • No Chance to Play on today ?

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