First Impressions [will update this topic]

  • Hero selection bug...
    Druid = Druid, Rogue = warden, Warden = Paladin a Paladin = Rogue

    Not nice map (bad graphic in comparsion to other GPS games)

    Lagging as hell

    What the hell?! How can i go back from menu (for ex. Spellbook)

    When i am changing type of spells it takes few minutes to change tab. (second Quest - add healing from Charms)

  • where are the developers?? D:

  • Cant click on Challenges icon

  • I know this'll sound as a broken record, but this is FIRST DAY OF OPEN BETA.
    Bugs are normal, and even big teams have problems in launch days.
    Pogo was unplayable for a month, as an example. Even Blizzard has problems with launch day.
    Give it time.

    The map looks... fine, honestly. Yeah, nothing "new" or innovative, but it looks just fine.

    I'm from Brazil and i'm not suffering any lag. MAYBE it's your connection, but again, it's first day of open beta. We could not even log in at Pogo in its launch day.

    To go back, just press... back, and there's an icon in the top left of the screen.

  • Pressing back button doesn't work for me.
    it will say "Press again to exit", i have to use that icon in top-left corner every time.
    Also the mini-menu / quick-menu (for inventory, spell book etc) will pop-up automatically after every fight and almost every time i go back to map, it's annoying as hell.

    But like you sad, it's beta, it will get better, hopefully.


  • I believe that was done on purpose by the devs, since the back button was causing problems for people in the alpha. It will be returned eventually.

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