Username doesn't exist

  • I bought the 45 dollar version of the game and I have the code for the in game items but it's now saying my user name/ email doesn't exist I've been playing for a bit over 5 months

  • I have this same issue, I started at the beginning of January and was lvl 31. Now I can't log in anymore as it says User doesn't exist anymore. Whats up with this?

  • I think the game was reset

  • That would make sense, next issue I guess is why then can't I register? Is there an update that hasn't been pushed to the app store yet? I play on android so am wondering if that platform is just behind or something? I see others have been able to get in so I'm feeling a bit slighted.

  • Im having the same issue >.>

  • Remove the old installation completely and then redownload from App Store. Then re-register and you should be getting in. Be mindful though, there are some bugs with class selection; you might get different class from what you choose.

    Based on their FB post, class selection bug should be fixed tomorrow so I'm waiting for that before going any further after registering new account.

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