Problem with Maguss

  • Hi everybody.
    I was trying to do some duel but everytime I fight with a lv 5 (same level as mine) they easily defeat me. I'm having a problem when the heal themself, because I'm not strong enough to deal with it.
    Can you please give me some advices?
    I am a level 5 player, i've chosen Warden ad, as regards spells, I'm using

    • Poison Cloud
    • Spirit Sting
    • Healing light wounds (too weake, I never use it).

    Thank you so much.

  • HP doesn't reset before duels. If you are at low HP, they'll be able to kill you really fast. If you want to be successful in duels, heal yourself beforehand, either by fighting monsters and using the healing spell repeatedly or chugging healing potions.

    Aside from that, duels tend to be pretty fast and bloody. Are you just spamming Spirit Sting? How much damage are you doing per sting? I don't think there's any value in stacking poison clouds.

  • I recommend you leveling up by killing tier 1 monster wait for tier 3/4 spell then fight tier 2 monster

  • I've playing a Warden during beta and up only the empower until lvl 15. Defeat prettty much everything.

  • @wheler thx for the tip and good luck with ur game!

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