What does VIP Status do?

  • What benefits does VIP Status provide?

    I notice the Monster Packs cost 200 Magic Dust before VIP got applied to my account, and afterwards the packs appear to cost 70 Magic Dust each.

    So besides applying a discount to Creature Packs (thank you BTW), what other benefits does VIP Status confer?

    Thank You!

  • If you were a backer, you should have received an email telling you what vip status gives :)

  • Ah yes, you are correct!

    • Access to a special FB group where any and all requests/questions/demands will be handled with top priority by the dev team itself (within reasonable time period)
    • All inventory slots (70) from the beginning
    • 50 instead of 30 stacks within a slot
    • 1 extra cauldron
    • 1 extra chest slot

    Funny enough, the discount to Monster Packs is never mentioned (Although it's greatly appreciated!)

  • it's not a discount, every specific pack costs 70. The "all in one" costs 200 (so the all in one allows you to save 80 dusts). Since as a backer you receive for free two packs, you can by the remaining two for 70x2=140 dust

  • i have a question about these packs tho. Do they add more monsters in general ...like if i had 2 monsters in one area now i would have 3-4 monsters? Or do they just change the monsters like i would still have 2 , but now they are different(maybe with higher loot chance or something).

  • @robert-codreanu new monsters don't replace old ones, you will see both new and old, but the "denity" of monsters will remain the same. The only benefit is to fight a higher variety of monsters (less boring) :)

  • It also feels I'm getting better loot and XP from the Monsters contained in the packs.

    But I haven't done testing to make absolutely sure.

    Those Phantom Cats always seem to dropping some kind of item or another.

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