Palandin is OP. 90% of player base playing 1 class......

  • I have done over 50 PvP matches and 48 of them have been against a Paladin, with the other 2 against rougue.

    Everyone is just going Pally, and who can blame them? I decided to try and be tanky and have put every point into defense....but this doesn't matter, even with defense buffs going, they hit me for 16 damage a swing by just spamming empowered and spamming spirit sting......even if you get close, they can just spam minor heal for 16 health a heal because for some odd reason 1 stat dictates healing power AND attack power.

    Game seems pretty much DoA at this point. Everyone is just playing Paladin. I'll be creating a new account to go other class can outdo them in damage...and no other class can do enough damage to kill them because they heal too hard.

    Horrible game design....guess we wait for the official Harry Potter to come out later this year. I hate that company...but better than having a 1 class rpg lol.

  • @luclin
    So, I also haven't played much. However I would say that a huge amount of of content hasn't been unlocked yet. (For you.) For example I imagine you don't have all the class spells unlocked. I doubt you have a good set of equipment. I doubt you have more than a few spell slots in your deck at the moment, or even spells in general. I mean you're only talking about spirit sting and minor heal. The spells taught in the tutorial. Sure, Paladins might be very powerful now, but later? Who knows? After all, no one in alpha complained about this, and they had classes too.

  • How do you know they are Paladins? I checked the results screen of the Duels and I can't see where it says what class they are.

  • Paladin unlock really fast the first class spell. And every one use it, soooo

  • first season is highly affected by people levelling fast. Second season will be more balanced because there will be a great % of player at a high level, having access to all the spell arsenal and good equipment

  • I think that it may be true that in the very early game the Paladin has a big advantage. That shifts later in the game as you have more points to distribute and get access to spells that defeat early game strategies. Prior to beta I was a lvl 31 rogue and my evade was so high due to my cass and two spells that gave it a multiplier and a potion that raised it and one that multiplied it that I was pretty hard to ever hit... of course I made bad choices building that character and didn't do much damage and could be killed with just a couple hits...

    The point is that it's a complicated game and a lot of choices effect PvP battles. You are 100% right that it will need more balance though! And hopefully the larger number of players in the open beta will give them the metrics data to make those changes.

    To help:
    1.) Go out and fight, if Paladins always win then that will fill the logs with that data and the devs will know.
    2.) Use the in game bug and suggestion features to send regular feedback on your experience :)
    3.) Keep posting here, to FB etc. so the devs get the good feedback from as many sources as possible.

    I can say that I have been playing for many months and while the devs aren't the best at communicating they are working their butts off to make the game better and are listening to everything we say :)

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