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  • Now that the Open Beta has been released, and even before it, I have been following mainly these forums for information about what's going on. Right at this moment, there's a lot of questions and complaints about missing accounts and wrong class being selected, and in my opinion they are in the right place -- but the answers are lacking and/or in the wrong place.

    I have never followed you in Facebook or Twitter, as I thought you would do the smart thing and use your own official forum as the primary platform for announcement. During this spam of complaints, I decided to check your FB, and... well, I was quite surprised to see that you are handling announcements in small chunks in a clutter of posts there instead of having them easily organized here at the forum and then sharing links to social media.

    As far as I can see, there's not even an announcement of Open Beta release, no real up-to-date information from you about acknowledged bugs or game-breaking issues or the ETA for fixes... none of that here on the forums, at least none of it in a forum category from whre you would expect to find it.

    That, I would say, is not very good customer service -- or at least it is not very efficient. I'm sure you understand that everyone doesn't use Facebook or Twitter to look for this sort of information, as such platforms are really not that convenient for it. Especially, if we were to compare it to the "Announcement" section of your official forum being used properly (which it isn't, at the moment).

    In my eyes, that is a huge disappointment. To help you figure out how to organize your customer service better, here's few things that would definitely help.

    1. Use announcements forum more. There's only one thread from you on that section, and that's the forum rules. Absolutely no announcements whatsoever are there. This is the place where I would generally look first on any gaming forums if I have problems; stuff such as big update announcements, current, regularly updated known bug lists or links to them (see point 5), should be right there.

    2. If possible, make the above mentioned new announcements show up in notifications instead of just in the unread list. That will get more players to notice and read them.

    3. Label your announcements in a way that their initial posting date can be quickly seen; for example, "18/02/2018 - title of announcement here" would be very clear, as their order tends to mix up depending on which thread users have last posted. If the original post needs a big update, add "- updated 19/02/2018" or such into the end of the title.

    4. Once you have released a new announcement here on the forum, share the link to it on Facebook and Twitter. If the announcement had a big update (see previous point), share the link again. This way you may actually attract more players to these forums where you can easily focus all important information into one location.

    5. Use sticky threads at appropriate forums to inform players about current situation, update them regularly, and state clearly when they have been last updated. One example of this are your bug list threads; they have been posted in Aug 2017, but there's absolutely no visible clue if they have ever been updated. A weekly update and a simple "updated dd/mm/yyyy" text in the very beginning of such post would do wonders in keeping players up-to-date.

    Those are some of the main points you should seriously consider. As of now, these forums are very badly underused especially for any important stuff, and as such they are not much better than any random unofficial forum buried somewhere in the internet.

    You could do so much more with these forums, in much more organized manner, to keep your players up to date. And keeping that going requires relatively small amount of effort once you get a grip on it, maybe even less than your current system of random small posts and replies all over the social media.

    (Looking at my suggestions from the players's point of view, you may find out that it would definitely require much less effort from us to find the information we need. That, if something, would be good customer service.)

  • This, a hundred, thousand, millions times. I tried to share feedback in here during the previous beta people and the level of involvement with this forum was practically non-existent. When I want support for a game I don't go to social media for it because that is not what social media is supposed to be for.

  • @webbstre said in Forum usage tips for the developers:

    When I want support for a game I don't go to social media for it because that is not what social media is supposed to be for.

    Exactly. Social media should be mainly a marketing platform, not the customer support service. Nothing wrong in replying to questions there, that's always good advertisement to any company when they are actively participating.

    However, I have seen a lot of "send us a message in FB" posts when people had problems with alpha keys for example... It always made me curious what would the solution be if the person in question did not have a Facebook account and didn't want one? No, don't tell me they should send a message in Twitter either.

    I have quite a few friends who aren't really into social media, they have no accounts whatsoever in any of those services. How would they stay up-to-date or get proper support if the platform that is available to everyone, regardless of their interest in social media, is nearly completely forgotten? Keeping these forums as the primary platform doesn't mean they should stop using social media; instead, they would work very well together if organized properly.

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