Bug Reporting Information (Please Read)

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    New Bug category tags have been added, allowing for organizing bug reports to make it easier for the Devs to find them. You can find it at the bottom of the page when you create a post :

    Click on it and select the tag or tags that best match the issue you are reporting.

    You can also view the different tags by using the Tag button in the top navigation menu:
    0_1502380872668_Menu Tag.PNG

    The current tags for the Alpha 2.0 forum are as follows:
    0_1502380910848_Bug Tags.PNG

    We have also updated the in Forum Bug Report form we would like you to use.
    An example can be found in the Alpha 2.0 Tesing Rules Pinned Post, as well as below:


    Title(of the thread): [iOS or Android] [Issue in few words] ex. Game Freezes [Droid]
    Body of the message

    OS version:
    App version:

    [BUG INFO]
    Reported via in-game tool: Yes/No
    Random: Yes/No
    Repeatable: Yes/No
    Exploitable: Yes/No

    (For new or those with similar problems)
    What should happen:
    [Explain the action you are trying to do and the result you expect]

    **What does actually happen: **
    [Explain what goes wrong]

    Does this prevent you for playing further:
    [Explain if you are able to continue]

    More information:
    [Give more info if needed]

    Attached screenshot(optional):

    Tag the Post
    [Add tags at bottom of the message to help organize bugs into a list to make it easier for the Devs to find a collection of bugs. You can find the tags by typing BUG to start and then choosing the correct category]

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