[BUG] Driving GLITCH

  • I was in a car as a passenger today, and I'm noticing the game now 'speed-locks', but this mechanic is BROKEN.

    When the car reaches a certain MPH, a message appears: "You are going too fast!"

    After I press "I'm a passenger" options, monsters still freely roam the map, but the herbs completely disappear from the map.

    In addition, herbs do NOT re-appear when the car comes to a complete stop, one has to exit the app and start all over again.

    As far as I understand, speed-locking is a mechanic design to reduce the potential distraction of games when one is DRIVING.

    This is frustrating because our car-share is one of the few times I have during the day to gather herbs.

    If speed-locking is going to be introduced to the game, it makes sense to apply this dynamic to MONSTER ENCOUNTERS and not HERB GATHERING.

    1. Monster encounters require more time and attention, and could be a potential distraction

    2. Herbs don't require any committment on the gamer's part, you just simply press on the herb icon to gather. No muss, no fuss!

    Speed-locking can be a reasonable feature when applied correctly.

    I am asking for Herbs to NOT be affected by this feature. Monster encounters are another story. While I don't mind monster encounters being 'speed-locked, other users may disagree.

    I haven't done any testing to see if chests are affected by this as well.

    It would be nice if 'speed-locking' didn't exist at all, I never dealt with this during the closed beta.

    If this feature is to remain in place, adjustments will have to be made so that 'speed-locking' turns off when the vehicle reaches a slower, more desirable speed.

    In addition, please ensure chests and herbs are NOT affected.

    Thank You!

  • Devs decided to not let gather erbs/chests if moving faster than 15-20 km/h. It's not a bug

  • Technically it's a bug if the speed-locking mechanism never disengages once your speed drops to a more reasonable pace.

    Also, as stated above, it's not logical to apply speed-locking to HERBS or CHESTS.

    MONSTER ENCOUNTERS are another story, as they require more time, attention, and focus to participate in.

  • I don't think they want to incentivize people driving around collecting herbs. Monsters seem to be extremely plentiful everywhere and respawn constantly, but herbs seem to be more spread out.

    That said, they should fix it so that after you are slowed down/stopped for long enough that it returns to normal.

  • @lightangel it actually does refresh but you have to wait a few minutes, not seconds like stoping at a flashlight :)

  • A timer apears on the right side, its about 10 minutes till the herbs appear again on the map from the moment you start moving under the speed limit.

  • Yeah, see that makes no sense...

    In Pokemon Go, you only hafta wait 10-30 seconds for the 'speed-lock' effect to dissipate

    I'm glad to know about the 10 minute thing, but this mechanic bears improving if it is to remain in place.

  • I see the problem with "speed-locking" in overall.

    Because when i am traveling to work for example, i use bus and tram and its annoying to not be able to play during my travel.
    People will find way to play anyway and most people will not play while they are driving because of common sense.

    From my point of view, when you need to move for game-play but you are being "locked" or told how fast you can move, it's kinda "meh".
    Make so people on highway can't play, for example above speed of 60 km/h.
    But if i can click "I am passenger" and game will not lock or worse, it will half-lock or lock completely, i don't see the point.

  • The speed lock must be around 10 kph as I can fast walk around the warehouse at work, and it will tell me that I am traveling too fast. My speed walk is a little over 7 mph.

  • @talin said in [BUG] Driving GLITCH:

    fast walk around the war...

    I think my gps loses signal sometimes and I get the speedlock while sitting still.
    Honestly while passenger its best time to fight monsters, you can collect herbs while sitting still to the point that they fill the inventory. It seems to me that only a few monsters roam others you have to move to them. There are a few that roam close enough to my house that i can play sitting still but to get a variety I have to move.

  • I totally agree with this. I liked the functionality where I can pick up herbs on the way to work while inside the bus. Or If my friends or family go out of town for a long ride.

    I hope they bring it back :(

  • I think we can all agree that we had more fun when speed-locking didn't exist.

    And since the point of playing games is to have fun, it makes sense to remove that mechanic altogether.

    I sure had a much greater sense of accomplishment before this 'feature' was introduced.

  • @lightangel I think if you play, drive a car and die, it's Darwinism and intended as a feature of life. However, in the U.S., companies are found liable, sued and lose for not having the proper protections in place. While I would love to zip down the freeway at 75mph on my 54 mile commute everyday collecting herbs, it would not be the smartest thing for this company to allow me to do

  • Global Moderator

    Herbs should reappear after you stop for 5 minutes or so, thats the usual respawn time :)

  • @lilithian said in [BUG] Driving GLITCH:

    Herbs should reappear after you stop for 5 minutes or so, thats the usual respawn time :)

    I did a test today And Found it 5 min's to the dot every time I was locked out.

  • In Pokemon Go, the speed-lock debuff wears off after 10 seconds when your speed is reduced.

    The speed limiters need adjusting as well, I can't gather herbs when running or riding my bike.

  • @lightangel
    The speed check kicks in at 15kph as per a message from the developers on Discord.

    I am not a fan of it as I can no longer rollerskate around town and collect herbs like I did before open beta. As such, I no longer play near as often as gathering and alchemy are a part of the game I enjoy most.

    Keeping it sparky!

  • Moderator has answered (part of your remark : speed lock) in my post, see : "I am a passenger" issue

  • Their only comments are "there is a planned change" and "Already designed increase, waiting to be implemented". So far these aren't very transparent statements. What are the new speed limits going to be (mph and kph)? Do their algorithms now compensate for cellular 'drift'? Is the 'speed-lock' cool-down going be reduced from 5 minutes to something more reasonable, like 10 seconds?

  • My only hope is that this game keeps counting correctly the km. Not like PoGo that doesn't count the km correctly...

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