PvE - monster drops

  • First off thank you to the Maguss for finally making it to OB. I have been waiting a long time to try this game and its a great game.

    Got a question not addressed in the pinned FAQ - Any plans to have monster specific drops/loot esp ingredients? This would make hunting specific monsters more rewarding.

    Keep up the good work on the game!

  • 100% agreed.

  • Would love for this to happen. If monsters dropped things more frequently, like ingredients we'd have more incentive to find and fight them. Like monsters will drop Their Tier level ingredients, with each monster dropping a specific amount of one or two of them. And maybe have the gear and equipment be rarer drops from them.

  • Totally agree, monsters should provide always a specific item for example:
    Kappa -> Shield
    Imp -> Skin
    And also have the chance to drop the actual loot.

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