Great game, nice idea but few things to adjust

  • I'm a player who approached this game with the Open Beta Test.
    At first sight it's clearly a wonderful game: magic theme, crafting potions, duels with other wizards and a lot of other features can raise Maguss to one of the best smartphones games ever created.


    Unlucky there are still few things to adjust (prefacing I achieved Level 5 so I didn't completely explore the potentially bugs that could be seen after a certain level).

    • Perspective of objects: when I want to collect an object inside the circle, it tells me I'm too far; why? Because the perspective makes you feel some objects are inside the circle but, if you rotate it, you'll see they're out. I suggest so to improve this feature because it's frustrating to click randomly to see which object is inside or not.
      Of course this bug is also applied to monsters
    • Bug during battle: it doesn't happen very often, but sometimes during the battle my glyphs are not recognized anymore.
      I know you can think I may did them wrong, but it's practically impossible that the round before I do glyphs perfectly and then in ALL the others rounds I make a mistake with all of them. I also tried to to them veeeery slowly following the "particles" path, but it just doesn't work. Very frustrating.
      I have a OnePlus 5 if you're asking me.
    • Gyroscope: another problem here, my phone has the gyroscope and it always worked with all the others app, but Maguss doesn't recognize it.
    • Footprints: a magic theme game and the I see footprints as the player indicator... I didn't really like it, it could be better with some kind of symbol, rune or something different.

    If a have other things to add I'll modify this message, hope you'll take it as a constructive criticism

  • I suggest you let user's utilize the physical back button instead of the displayed one on the top left of the screen.
    Of course you can leave the digital button too, but the physical it's closer to the thumb and it gives to the player a faster experience.

  • @franciscusmagnum in closed beta physical back button was working quite good but it was causing a few disrupting issues on some players phones so developers disabled it for now.

    In the in-game options try disablig the gyroscope, should help fixing the "can't draw glypsh" issue

  • @franciscusmagnum You should disable the gyroscope. The developers should have it disabled. It kind of works for some users but causes a number of nasty bugs in the game. (Things like you loosing a battle half way through for no reason). Disable it and leave it off until you hear an all clear from the devs. :)

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