tutorial bug

  • hello i just download it so i'm still in tutorial i have been found some bugs

    1. when register i must use other email cause the first one dont get any token email
    2. tutirial in first battle the text dont appear and suddenly i must fight the wisp (already pass with doing relog several times)
    3. th next tutorial is inventory, i can not do anything cause the tutorial stuck there is no item, no monolog, nothing is just an item with BBAAASSS something. even though i reset and redownload the bug still on it.
    4. i can not use back in my android. or maybe cause the back suppose to be a button ?

    thank you i will try anything first to get through my 3rd bug or hopefully you guys fixed it cause even though i relog i can not do anything cause i havent done the inventory tutorial.

    i'm using zenfone 2 just for information

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